Young entrepreneur tackles crime, launches CCTV, AV company.

Like most entrepreneurs, 22-year-old Bradley Wright admits that the decision to step out and launch his own business was a daunting one at first. After all, he would be thrust into fierce competition with many established companies, with greater resources and far more manpower. Still, Wright says that the decision has been paying off, literally, up to this point. While the company, Gigabit Technologies Bahamas is still very much in its infancy it has been gaining significant traction, attracting 15 clients in its first month Wright notes.

Wright, a security consultant with an IT background knows that customer service is key, a point he says often goes overlooked by larger companies. He prides himself in his work and ensuring that his clients are thoroughly satisfied, it’s the little things, the fine details that go a long way. As he notes, with growing concerns over crime, people take their safety and security very seriously, whether its residential or commercial and surveillance systems can be an important tool. That’s a part of what his business is all about. Also, if you’re looking to design the ultimate video and sound system for your entertainment, need a conference room outfitted for voice and video communication or a secure wireless connection, Wright says he can help with that to.
“When it comes to customer service I will spare nothing to make my client happy and satisfied with the work I gave them and I think that makes a big difference,” says Wright. “I always enjoyed working for myself at a very young age. It’s just something about being able to deal with a client and the satisfaction that I saw on their faces is what motivated me.”

As to what motivated him to launch the business, Wright says: “It was just the entrepreneurial spirit. I couldn’t live with the regret of not having done it. It was very scary as at first. There were people who expressed their doubts. I just had to look beyond that. I had to put in the work. It wasn’t just make a decision and fly with it. I had to be very methodical and very organized in my approach. I also had to make the time for continued education which entrepreneurs sometimes lack. In fact, learning the business side of being an entrepreneur is a valuable lesson Wright says he learned from his former employer, Superwash President and chief executive Dionisio D’Aguilar.

“I thought that starting out things would be really slow but in one month I have dealt with 15 clients,” said Wright.

As a young entrepreneur, Wright says that he has embraced technology, finding various online resources to help him reduce costs and operate more efficiently, a move he says more entrepreneurs should be keen on doing. “I think a lot of people wouldn’t be daunted by the idea of being an entrepreneur if they took advantage of the technology that is out there online softwares to facilitate his business. Everything I have done has been about reducing the amount of capital I have had to use or have.”

As for the future, Wright says he very optimistic. “I do see growth for the business. I do see where in the future I will have to bring someone on to handle more work. I have found that what really determines my growth is how I deal with my clients.”

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