Young content creators chasing their dreams

After years of creating engaging content for millennials and gen-zs, young content creators, Scharlee Thompson and Keith Bryan Jr. are taking their content from off the screen to an in person live event happening this Sunday October 16th, 2022 at 2:00 pm at the Cancer Society of The Bahamas where they will be teaching young persons how to unleash their brands. Scharlee Thompson and Keith Bryan Jr. are content creators who seek to inspire those in their twenties to thrive as they navigate adulthood through inspiring and informative Instagram posts and Instagram live videos.

During the pandemic, Keith and Scharlee saw an opportunity to reach young persons who were at home looking for something to do. Then, individually, they both decided to host Instagram Live videos to engage with their communities. Over the years, their pages have been a source of inspiration and encouragement for young persons to go after their dreams, believe in themselves and live life authentically. 

Bryan and Thompson knew each other for a while and thought that a collaboration would be perfect given that they produce similar content.

Thompson says, “After years of blogging and creating content for young persons, I felt a strong urge to do more. At the beginning of the year, I felt called to more and that it was now time to do more than just create content but provide value by hosting events that resonated with young persons. As a content creator whose target audience is young persons, I noticed that many of them felt insecure and confused about their brands and how to put themselves out there. This is where Unleashing the Brand in You was created and I knew that Keith would be the right person to host this workshop with.”

Bryan says, “ I knew that I wanted to do something big this year. After noticing that a lot of young adults struggle with the confidence to even imagine themselves doing things like starting a business, brand or even going into their dream professions, I wanted this workshop to free them from those insecurities and give them tools and a network of persons that can help them build strong brands for themselves.”

Scharlee is an attorney by profession but is passionate about blogging and poetry. Her first blog was written during her first year of law school as an outlet to vent about the struggles of “adulting”. Since then, her blog has transformed into a website and community where she provides those in her twenties with the tools they need to thrive as they navigate the highs and lows of adulthood. As a result of her nearly a decade of content creation, young people in their twenties feel seen and heard and understand that they are not alone. 

Keith Bryan Jr. also known as Keith the Overcomer is a professional photographer and videographer, content creator and motivational speaker known for his personal development and motivational content and interactive Instagram lives. Keith’s content is focused on helping young adults overcome common fears and insecurities, and helping them with personal development, motivation and wellness. Mental health is a huge part of Keith’s content as he himself has had anxiety for at least 10 years and began to share his experience in an effort to encourage others. Keith recently started a Facebook community called Overcoming Giants community where he has zoom hangouts with his followers to give them an outlet to share and receive support in whatever they are going through.

The Unleashing the Brand in You workshop will be happening on Sunday October 16, 2022 at 2:00 pm at the Cancer Society of The Bahamas. The workshop is for professionals, entrepreneurs, content creators, students and those in between. Benjamin Moultrie-Grant, founder of Bahamas Association of Young Professionals, Hamian Brand and Project Ice will also be one of our presenters. Tickets are $50 and include interactive workshops, networking sessions and 1 professional headshot. You do not want to miss this opportunity to network with like minded young persons. For information on how you can purchase your ticket you can contact 456-3546 or 817-9301. Feel free to follow Scharlee and Keith on Instagram @scharsmind and @keith_overcomer . Sign up today and let’s unleash the brand in you!

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