Water production business looking to make a splash

A new water manufacturing business offering both purified and alkaline water is now looking to make its mark in the market. 

Jaimi Hanna, Alka Boost’s founder said that after countless hours of research, testing and waiting to secure all of the necessary government approvals, the company is  now ready to serve the market. 

According to Hanna, who has spent her entire career in the hotel industry, the onset of the pandemic underscored just how essential water production is and prompted her to pursue the business. 

“At the onset, the only businesses that were actually allowed to open were those considered essential business such as food stores and water depots for instance. I thought to myself that maybe I should open a water depot and perhaps my own water company. I did my research and it  really just took off from there,” said Hanna. Having worked in the hotel sector for nearly two decades, she ultimately quit her job with the intention of dedicating all of her time and energy to her water production company.

“Getting into the water production business certainly wasn’t easy. It required the necessary equipment, a lot of lab testing and approvals. I knew it wasn’t something I could have just jumped into but I didn’t realise it would have taken so long.  Thankfully, a year later and I’m now open and operating my own business. It’s exciting,” said Hanna.

She further explained, “Alka Boost offers both purified and alkaline water. Very few companies do.”  According to Hanna, no chemicals are used but instead UV treatment is used to destroy any bacteria. I also sell products such as water racks, pumps and dispensers. We also offer water delivery for our customers.” The company’s water refill store is located on Wulff Road, opposite the entrance to Kemp Road.

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