US-based personal shopping company to launch Bahamas tour

Kourtneys Foreign Kart LLC, South Florida has announced that kourtneytheshopper will begin a tour teaching at seminars; business start-up and maintenance providing in depth information for the commencement of business to aspiring business owners worldwide. While Enise Dalisma known as Kourtney herself being the CEO and personal shopper at KFK also released an E-book called “Business foundation” we have decided to launch this tour beginning with The Bahamas as the first country.

The company currently serves business owners and persons worldwide through shopping and logistics services. Helping save businesses and persons thousands of dollars yearly through a wide range of services offered since July 2020. As we approach our two-year anniversary we celebrate magazine coverages, social media milestones, and business owners that are expanding with our help. We are proud to launch the tour as well as an affiliates program which will give persons an opportunity to earn monthly income with our company.

A positive economic growth is to come with the spread of great knowledge through our seminars. We anticipate all seats to be filled with vibrant business owners, entrepreneurs, and aspiring business owners that are eager to learn more about increasing revenue in product and service-based sales.

Kourtney the shopper will begin the tour July 30th, 2022, with Nassau, Bahamas as the first stop. We will be hosting three seminars in one day for business start-up and maintenance, intro to personal shopping and Freight forwarder/Courier service start up. Tickets can be purchased online from our website. Guest speakers are Mr. Naason Sands CEO of Pastry Haven Bakery Nassau, Bahamas and Mrs. Mia Bowe CEO of Bowes Brokerage Nassau, Bahamas. Seats are limited for the events, and we look forward to helping all access great knowledge during this first Seminar. Other Islands of the Bahamas to follow are Eleuthera, Abaco, and Exuma we will release more dates as they become available.

For more information please email us at

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