Turning your closet into cash….

Looking to clean out your closet? Leaving the island and can’t take everything with you? The Consignment Gallery can help you turn those items you no longer use into cash.

The Consignment Gallery basically brokers the sales of items that its clients may no longer have use for and wish to sell.  The company was launched over a year ago by local entrepreneur Jewel Smith. “I started The Consignment Gallery August 2014.  This was something I did for myself.  I would clean my closet then sell and donate items I no longer used.  A friend told me one day that I should offer the same service to others as well and make a business out of it.  So I slowly stared with family members, then I started to gain clients after I created the Facebook page,” says Smith.

“The Consignment Gallery brokers sales of items our clients wish to sell, and in the end the client receives 60 per cent of the sale price.  Our standard service includes a free consultation, where we meet with the client and inspect the items they wish to list.  The items are then listed for sale. Additional services we offer are hosting open houses and patio sales for expiated sales, Sourcing – where we shop for items a client is interested in purchasing. We also do closet cleaning and art appraisals.  We also encourage our clients to give back to charities in the community; we collect and deliver the client’s items to the charity of their choice,” Smith adds.

Items which the Consignment Gallery currently lists and sells for its clients include:

 ·      Art Work

·      Vintage, Patio, Baby, Office, Bedroom, Living Room Furniture

·      Accent Home Goods

·      Electronics

·      Kitchen Appliances

·      Mattresses

·      Beds

·      Mirrors

·      Printers

·      Washers

·      Dryers

·      Crystal Pieces

·      Motor Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Golf Carts, Boats, Jet Skis)

 “When TCG first began, we started with a few items from clients, which included clothing and shoes. Today, we have evolved to listing entire estates for our clients, which include furniture and other household appliances as well as vehicles,” says Smith.

Like many entrepreneurs, Smith says that running ones own business has its challenges. “It is challenging being an entrepreneur, knowing that I am the only one I have to rely on, and I am the only one who must make it happen.  However, I do enjoy it, finding new ways to market my business, meeting new clients and providing the service they require. Knowing that my client is pleased at the end of the project is what makes the process worth it.” Smith also notes that finding creative ways to market her business on a small budget is also a challenge.

As to what advice she would give other aspiring entrepreneurs Smith says: “I would advise others looking to start their own business to go into a field that you are good at, which challenges you, and one that you have a passion for.  Something that you enjoy so much that it doesn’t feel like “work”.

The Consignment Gallery can be reached at:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheConsignmentGalleryBHS

Phone/WhatsApp: 242-544-7849

Email: TheConsignmentGallery.BHS@gmail.com

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