The New Duff advances to Entrepreneurship World Cup

Owner of the New Duff Kendrick Delaney says that he hopes to make the popular Bahamian treat as well-known globally as the croissant and cinnamon roll, with the company having emerged as the winner of the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) National Finals.

The New Duff was recently announced as the winner of the EWC National Finals after making a pitch to raise close to $750,000. The funds would be used to begin the process of preparing the New Duff for franchising, and complete two new stores in Nassau, one in Miami, and an overseas manufacturing plant. Delaney said the company is hoping to attract large-scale equity investors to help propel it to becoming a global brand.

Delaney will now move on to the EWC Global Finals where top entrepreneurs from some 200 countries around the world will compete. This year, the global finals are being held in November in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

“Of course, we sell guava duff but what we are looking to really do is be an international billboard with food from The Bahamas,” says Delaney.  

He added: “I started out making guava duff really as a love letter to all the grandmothers out there because I had so many warm and nostalgic memories around guava duff.”

The company has grown from a bicycle cart to a food trailer and a storefront bakery over the past few years.

Delaney says: “It’s incredible that we were chosen as the national winner for the EWC. We have grown a lot as a  company as there is still so much more growth ahead for us. Our vision is to make guava duff an international dessert and for people to think about The Bahamas every time they indulge in this decadent treat.”

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