The Lemonade Girl


Angel Johnson is not your typical teenager. Instead of a birthday party to mark her transition into teen hood or a vacation this past summer, the seventh grader at Jordan Prince William High School, with the help of her parents, opted to launch her lemonade business, Angel’s Lemonade. The start-up currently sells five flavors of the beverage; regular, mango, lemonade/ice tea, strawberry and ginger.

The business has been doing quite well and apart from directing the income from the venture towards her college fund, she’s been buying groceries several times a month for the less fortunate.
Angel admits that she absolutely loves lemons and lemonade. In fact she has been making lemonade since she was seven years old. “I love lemons. I just love lemonade. The business has been going pretty well. I have been able to help people. I’m trying to save money for college as well as give back to the less fortunate.”
“I think people have really been liking it. People have been calling me the lemonade girl. The feedback has been very good,” she adds.
Angel’s mother Pamelyn Johnson says that her daughter, who continues to exceed the 3 point grade average, has made it clear that she wants to begin writing her own legacy. “A few months before her thirteenth birthday back in May, she said that she wanted to begin writing her legacy. She wanted to help four families a month. She wants to be known as a person who helps people. It was like I wasn’t talking to a normal 12 year old, it was so strange.”

“She told us she didn’t want a birthday party, she didn’t want to go on vacation, she wanted to launch her lemonade business. She wanted to launch the lemonade business because the more she has the more she can help. The response has been tremendous. We are expanding. We are expecting to purchase a bus because we have a lot of orders. We’re trying to facilitate the schools and we want to be fully prepared for the demand,” says Mrs Johnson.
“She’s building her savings and has helped quit a number of people. What she has been doing is buying groceries and giving it to people she feels need it, four times a month. She likes to keep food on hand just in case we see someone who has a need.”
Mrs Johnson said that she ultimately wants to be able to connect with parents so that they can push and help support their kids in pursuing their endeavors.

Contact Angel’s Lemonade at: c 437-4388

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6 years ago

Love hear story like this!

Janice Wald
6 years ago

Hi Just Biz Admin,
I know Conscious of the Heart. I also know Danny Ray. You liked a comment I made on his blog, so I came by to introduce myself and thank you. It was on the post where I asked Danny to share my link. Is he going to share one of your links as well?
If yes, and you are looking to meet new bloggers, I am having a blog party in about six hours. I would love for you to come. I host them every other week.
In response to what you wrote– I teach 7th graders! Your post also reminded me how I played Lemonade Stand with my daughter when she was that age. It was a game we played on our phones.

6 years ago

This is so heartwarming and inspiring. She is doing amazing things and teaching others, including adults, how to elevate our entrepreneurial goals with purpose and selfless intention. God bless her.


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J L Hunt
J L Hunt
6 years ago

Wow, how wonderful :-)l

6 years ago

What a wonderful and generous young lady. I applaud all she is doing and only pray we as adults will be inspired as well. Blessings!