The Chickcharney Challenge is Back!

The country’s premier obstacle course challenge will make its grand return to the Clifton Heritage Park this December, as Chickcharney Challenge organizers hope to double the number of participants in this year’s event. 

The wildly popular Chickcharney Challenge, which is now in its seventh edition, puts one’s fitness and endurance to the test over a three mile course featuring some 16 obstacles.

Chickcharney Chirren chief executive officer Chester Robards says that this year’s iteration, which is set for Saturday December 3rd, promises a very different feel. Blending fitness and fun, Robards says the event is geared toward not only serious fitness enthusiasts but also those simply looking to have fun while trying something new. 

The Chickcharney Challenge which began back in 2015, typically attracts around 100 participants.  Robards says he hopes to double that number this time around. Following a two year hiatus due to the pandemic, this year’s event aptly dubbed “The Return”, will feature new challenges and changes to the obstacle course route.

“People who have done the challenge before know the route and so this year we are changing the location of the starting line so that this time around we will be on the beach. That’s something new and a nice change which will give a really different feel to the event. We are also adding new obstacles that people have not seen before,” says Robards.

He adds, “We are also trying to attract more young people to the event. This year we had the opportunity to work with the Ministry of Youth Sports & Culture on an obstacle course. The kids really loved it. Obstacle course racing is still very nascent in the country and hasn’t caught on as much as we would like but it’s for everyone; for the kids, for people who want to try something new and for people who do go to the gym. It really blends fitness with fun.”

Robards says that this year’s event will also see the introduction of a new timing system. “In previous years there would simply be a clock running and whenever a participant crossed the finish line we would mark their time. We are aiming for greater accuracy this year with an NFC race timing system and we will also be staggering the starts to ensure proper crowd control.”

Robards notes that while the event is open to single participants, it has proven to be much more fun as a group activity.

The event is being held in partnership with Clifton Heritage, with Colina Insurance as the lead sponsor. The cost to participate in the challenge is $70 for adults and $50 for persons under the age of 17. For groups of four or more participants the cost is $65 per person and groups with participants ages 17 and under, the cost to participate is $45 per person. 

Robards says, “We have prizes for the first, second and third group to cross the finish line in the fastest time and complete the most obstacles. We have individual prizes, for first, second and third place finishers. This year we are going to introduce a competition between the local gyms and have a floating trophy. One of the gyms is going to be able to take home a trophy and hopefully come back next year to defend their title.”

Obstacle course racing is one of the fastest growing segments in endurance sports globally. An official governing body – the International Obstacle Racing Federation (IORF)- was established nearly a decade ago to legitimize efforts to have obstacle course racing become an olympic sport. Robards says that when that becomes a reality, he hopes to someday see a Chickcharney participant competing in the Olympics.

In keeping with efforts to foster greater adoption of digital payments in the country, The Chickcharney Challenge is going digital this year and accepting Sand Dollars. SunCash is the payment solution provider for this year’s event

To register for the Chickcharney Challenge go to

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