POW! Food Truck Makes a Business Case for Mobile Brunch Service

         Local event planner and self-described foodie, Xavia Rolle always had a thing for breakfast. In fact, as a college intern in the University of Houston’s School of Hotel & Restaurant Management, she worked the breakfast assembly line at a Hilton-hotel property, whipping up custom omelettes for customers.

          Fast-forward to today, the owner of POW! (Pancakes, Omelettes and Waffles) Food Truck is bringing a unique taste experience to Nassau by introducing a new twist to mobile food service. Launched in February, the brunch on-demand business that caters to private functions and local festivals has grown organically to include pop-up brunch locations throughout New Providence.

Photo 2- Xavia Rolle serving customers at POW! Food Truck popup brunch

            “I wanted to bring something different to the food scene in Nassau where I could share recipes that I love,“ Rolle explained. “Gourmet food trucks are trending globally and Bahamians are more open to trying new food concepts so I thought, why not blend the meal that I enjoy most with a fun, food truck experience?”  

         Last summer, the former Romance Manager at Melia Nassau Beach Hotel and owner of Xa La Mode Weddings, started mulling over how to introduce the food truck concept to the local market. She began testing and perfecting brunch-inspired recipes with eager family and friends.

         “My background in weddings and banquet management makes me very customer-service driven and since launching, I think that’s what sets my business a part from others. I’m passionate about providing a level of service and I pay close attention to the little details to ensure hot, fresh and tasty food comes out of the POW vehicle,” Rolle said.

          The compact, hot pink, white and blue truck made its original debut at Festival Rum Bahamas in February and customer feedback was immediate. People tasting the popular Cracking Cluck cracked chicken and waffles or the full house omelette loaded with veggies, meat and cheese, kept asking where they could get the POW experience outside of the random fair or event. Overnight, POW’s business model evolved to include the weekly pop-up service currently being offered.

          “I decided to test the idea of a weekly pop-up location by announcing the venue a few days ahead on social media and Whatsapp. The idea was to capitalize on the early to mid-morning traffic.  I built a business case around the fact that POW could attract new customers at each location while relying on our online following to retain repeat customers. Within three hours of setting up the very first popup location, we were sold out!”

Photo 3- POW_s signature Cracking Cluck cracked chicken served with wafflesjpg

            The food truck menu balances classic continental breakfast with surprising Bahamian elements. In addition to the popular chicken n’ waffles, POW serves up the Conchy Joe- a mixture of tender cracked conch, fluffy waffles made with special ingredients and drizzled with the POW sauce—a sweet, guava duff-inspired syrup. The Lobster Wafflina, a cracked lobster and waffle combination, is also a popular seasonal dish.

        “It’s amazing how quickly the POW concept is catching on. We have new menu items in store and will be looking to partner with other local businesses where we can mutually benefit from the popup experience as well as growing our private catering services. Every week we are tweaking our system to improve service. I see the potential for growth and I am grateful for how the process is evolving.”  

       For more information on POW’s upcoming popup brunch locations or to book them to cater a private event, call 242- 468-7050, email powbrunch@gmail.com or follow them on Facebook  at POW242 and on Instagram @POW_242.

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