Plato Alpha’s Triblock HR product reaches major milestone.

Plato Alpha, a Bahamian-owned and operated software development company, announced today that its proprietary human resources product, Triblock HR, has achieved a major milestone by reaching over 2,000 employees on the platform. The next-generation HR and Payroll platform is designed to introduce a new era for human resources and payroll systems in The Bahamas.

The adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning in HR is on the rise, with AI-powered HR tools, such as Triblock HR being used for tasks such as recruitment, performance management, and employee engagement. As organizations face increasing demands to manage human resources and payroll functions effectively, Triblock HR has been strategically designed to meet the needs of companies operating in The Bahamas.

The innovative platform enables HR professionals in The Bahamas to centrally manage the 360 lifecycle of an employee, including payroll, time tracking, one-on-one performance reviews, organization hierarchy, National Insurance contributions and document management.

“We understand that Human Resources is about people, not paperwork, and we have designed Triblock HR to empower employers and employees,” said Plato Alpha CEO Duran Humes. “Our platform simplifies HR management through an integrated system that keeps track of all relevant data easily and accurately.”

 Plato Alpha Design CEO Duran Humes.

Triblock provides a comprehensive HR and payroll solution that streamlines processes, enhances compliance, and improves the employee experience. Triblock saves HR professionals time by reducing administrative tasks like managing employee data, tracking vacation time, and processing payroll. Triblock also reduces costs related to HR functions, including the need for manual data entry, printing and mailing of paper documents, and potential errors or compliance issues. It helps mitigate compliance risks by ensuring employee data is up-to-date and accurate. The platform also enhances employee satisfaction by providing self-service options, which improve the employee experience. Finally, it provides valuable analytics on key HR metrics like employee turnover, absenteeism, and performance, which can inform HR strategies.

“We have included fail-safe elements that enable employees to input data themselves, empowering them to fulfill basic HR and Payroll tasks and eliminating them from the HR professional’s to-do list,” said Keith Roye II, Plato Alpha’s COO. “Our comprehensive reports and analytics are invaluable and equip companies with the relevant data to make informed business decisions.”

 Plato Alpha COO Keith Roye.

“Triblock HR is flexible, intuitive, and easy to use. We typically save 5 hours per week on repetitive HR tasks by utilizing the platform’s automation capabilities,” shared CBS’ manager of e-commerce, Brent Burrows Jr. “This enables us to focus on more strategic tasks and spend less time on administrative tasks. Triblock HR is a valuable tool for any business looking to streamline HR processes and improve overall efficiency.”

The company has garnered a heavy-hitting list of clients, including the Doctors Hospital, Commonwealth Building Supplies, Bamboo Shack, Bahamas Air Navigation, the Government of The Bahamas, REV/Cable Bahamas, and more.

Regarding the platform’s future goals, Humes shared that Triblock HR is working to fully integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its platform by the end of 2023, streamlining and automating the human resource and payroll experience. By leveraging the power of AI, the platform will provide greater efficiency and accuracy, resulting in reduced administrative tasks and increased productivity for businesses of all sizes. In addition to the AI integration, the company plans to launch a mobile app, giving employees more control over their information in a more accessible package. The mobile app will enable employees to access their pay stubs, tax forms, and benefits information all in one place.

With Triblock HR, Plato Alpha continues to lead the way in HR and Payroll solutions designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in The Bahamas. For more information, please visit

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