More than just a sweet scent..

Prickle Air Fresheners are about more than just sweet scents. The Bahamian-crafted paper air fresheners also offer a glimpse of the uniqueness of the Bahamian culture.

The company which was started by avid Bahamian photographer and illustrator Theo McClain creates fresheners with unique shapes and images that are synonymous with Bahamian culture and traditions such as Junkanoo, the Bahamian flag as well as “cracked conch” and “chicken in the bag”.


Brenice McClain who along with Kenwood Burrows are also partners in the business recently told JustBiz: “Theo saw the little tree air fresheners hanging in people’s cars and thought of creating such a product using Bahamian culture and symbols.”

Prickle Air Fresheners was a 2015 recipient of a grant from the Island Luck and Island Cares Foundation Own Bahamas initiative which offers grant funding to budding entrepreneurs.

“We’re excited that persons having been getting used to the products.  We have been advertising for almost a year. The air fresheners symbolize everything that is Bahamian and they are multi-purpose. They can go in someone’s vehicle or their home. The inmates themselves are a very attractive feature. Even when the scent is gone it’s still a reminder of The Bahamas. We’re very excited about the product.  We’re hoping in time to start a manufacturing company here so that we can awaken the economy a bit and provide jobs and everything could be made here,” said McClain.


Prickle is currently being sold at Rolle’s Auto, East Street South, The Paint Depot, Mount Royal Avenue and Esso Service Station Palmdale and is available in assorted fragrances, namely Cherry, Black Ice, Apple Orchard, Lavender, and White lotus.. You can find out more about Prickle Air Freshers by heading on down to the Tru Tru Bahamian Festival on February 11.

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