Mobile Garage Fleet Solutions inks historic partnership

Mobile Garage Fleet Solutions has inked the first telematics partnership in the region with its fleet management services now supported by Azuga Inc, a Bridgestone company.

MGFS, a subsidiary of Mobile Garage Technologies Ltd, is now set to expand its product offering to include smart GPS devices that will allow companies to track their fleet in real-time through always-on cellular connectivity.

CEO Byron McCartney said: “To partner with a global leader like Azuga Inc and The Bridgestone Corporation family is truly humbling. As a Bahamian technology startup, this gives us access to knowledge and technology that will accelerate our growth in the Fleet Management arena and raise the bar throughout the entire Caribbean”.

In addition to GPS tracking, this new feature enables fleet owners the ability to view driver behavior, including speeding, hard braking, idling, fuel usage, and customized data for each vehicle.

This type of insight allows companies to be able to pinpoint errors, correct challenges, and ultimately save money by fixing the problems where they start.

In addition to smart GPS Devices, Mobile Garage Fleet Solutions will also offer artificial intelligence (AI) and safety dashboard cameras for fleet owners.

The feature allows fleet owners the ability to view road-facing and driver-facing cameras in real time through cellular connectivity. Artificial Intelligence cameras will determine distracted driver behavior such as using handheld devices and so much more while driving.

In a statement, the company said the feature not only increases accountability but decreases the chances of accidents in company vehicles.

As a result of the Bridgestone partnership, all smart GPS devices and dashboard cameras will be integrated In
Mobile Garage Fleet Management Software to allow one easy access to fleet management, maintenance, camera footage, and real-time fleet tracking.

Mobile Garage Fleet Solutions Smart GPS devices and Dashboard Cameras will be available in November 2022. Live demos are now available at or by email to

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