Local company makes real estate investment easier with crowdfunding

Akerage, a fully Bahamian company is utilising technology and industry expertise to make investing  in income producing property easier for the average investor. 

Throughout history, real estate has been considered one of the most secure and lucrative investments.  Today, it is one of the largest asset classes and it is considered a fundamental aspect of most successful  portfolios. 

The Bahamas saw approximately $400m worth of property sold or go under contract during the first  quarter of 2021. Unfortunately, average investors are often prevented and/or inconvenienced by the  high fees and complex processes required for traditional investment in real estate. 

The company’s technology reduces fees and simplifies complex processes while increasing access and  affordability for the average investor. Akerage has received provisional approval from the Securities  Commission of The Bahamas and is now conducting private placements for accredited investors.  Akerage, which was founded by Carlyle Bethel is a legally compliant company that has revolutionized the way we invest in real estate.  

Instead of saving thousands of dollars and dealing with the stress of buying, renovating, and managing  real estate, investors can sign up with Akerage, open an account and invest as little as $1,000 into  income producing real estate. All properties will be fully owned by investors and held in a separate  legal entity while being managed by professional third party property managers in the best interest of  the owners. Akerage will provide professional expertise, oversight, and guidance to ensure that all  properties are managed at a high standard and ensure that all funds generated (after fees) are  transferred to the property owners. Investors can also sell their shares to other Akerage clients if they  need cash and wish to liquidate their portfolio.  

Anyone interested in learning more about Akerage can visit our website at www.myakerage.com,  contact us at cbethel@myakerage.com or follow us on our social media platforms. 

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