John Watling’s Distillery Re-opens to the public

John Watling’s Distillery, Ltd. has re-opened its doors to the public featuring its hand-crafted cocktails and fresh conch salad.    

After nine months of closure due to the global pandemic, John Watling’s Distillery reopened its doors on February 4, 2021. The distillery, located at the historic Buena Vista Estate on Delancy Street between Augusta and West Street, is the site where more than 20 Bahamians hand-craft JOHN WATLING’S award-winning rums, RED TURTLE pink-sand-filtered vodka, and GUN CAY Bahamian, aged rums.  All products are locally made right here in The Bahamas.

John Watling’s Distillery’s new operating hours until further notice are from Thursday through Sunday from noon until 8 pm. At the distillery guests can enjoy their favourite JOHN WATLING’S cocktail, including the JOHN WATLING’S Rum Dum originated by our very own Wilfred Sands, the JOHN WATLING’S Skylarkin’ a non dairy mixture of JOHN WATLING’S Pale rum, Coconut Pulp and Coconut water and JOHN WATLING’S Hand Shaken Daiquirí.  Other cocktails include the RED TURTLE Ghost Move made with Guava syrup and the GUN CAY Bahama Grammy which is a step-up from the Bahama Mama. There are more than 25 crafted cocktails to choose from ranging in price from $8 to $14 with VAT and gratuity included.

The latest offering by John Watling’s Distillery is a Conch Stand featuring Traditional Conch Salad at $10, Tropical Conch Salad for $12, and Traditional Conch Salad spiked with JOHN WATLING’S Pale rum for $15. John Watling’s Distillery also offers several specials including two specialty cocktails for $19, rum flights starting at $10, and a Conch & Cocktail Special for $15.

John Watling’s Distillery has worked very hard to ensure our premises are “Clean and Pristine” and goes beyond the social distancing rules established by the Government. All customers are required to wear face masks while standing and each person is spritzed with our very own Buena Vista Hand Sanitizer upon entry. Hand sanitizer is available at all times. The interior of the Buena Vista House, except for shopping and the washrooms, is currently off limits for tours but visitors are welcomed to walk around the grounds. All John Watling’s staff wear face masks and/or face shields during the preparation and service of cocktails. With more than 2.5 acres in Downtown Nassau, our first commitment is the health and safety of our customers.

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