Introducing Style Office Solutions

Monique Graham Launches Turnkey Design Firm
– Designing work environments that are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to enhance productivity and satisfaction

In today’s, work environment an employee sits for up to 7 hours a day, on average – sitting in front of the computer, answering e-mails, making phone calls, writing proposals and, for some, eating lunch.

It is with that knowledge and twenty years of design experience that Monique Graham launched Style Office Solutions (SOS), a Nassau based design firm, with an affiliate location in Grand Bahama. “Countless studies show that if your team is comfortable and inspired by the space they are in, they are going to want to be in that space and will work more effectively” she noted.


Companies around the world are focused on creating spaces that are productive, functional, efficient, cost effective and in keeping with their brand identity. With much of the workforce spending at least a third of the day at work, it is clear why this is such an important consideration. Striking a balance between solid and stylish design and function – while creating an environment that is both comfortable and productive is precisely what Designer Monique Graham has been providing for businesses throughout The Bahamas.


“Our goal is to make what can be a daunting process less stressful and overwhelming,” she explains. “At SOS, we take into consideration all aspects – from conception to completion. We are equipped to take on something as small as purchasing an office chair or as complex as space planning for a multi-level office space.”

“We collaborate with general contractors, architects and various vendors in addition to providing floor and wall finishes, window treatments, lighting etc. to ensure that the entire project is well planned and managed, carefully monitoring budgets and our clients’ needs. In short, we are focused on providing a seamless, ‘one-stop-shop’” she added.

Monique and her sales and installation teams have completed several projects, including work for Freeport Ship Services, former Company of the Year in Grand Bahama. “Monique and her team were efficient and easily identified what we needed and wanted,” said Jeremy Cafferata, CEO. “For me, the installation was fast and painless – we were moving from a cramped space to a much larger building. We now look high-end and professional and my team is very happy!”

SOS is currently working on both private and government offices as well as furnishing out-island clients with both office and home furnishings from their well-stocked inventory that is carefully selected to be stylish, functional and cost effective.

“We are so grateful for the trust that so many clients have given us to create great spaces that meet their goals and their budgets” she said. Along with her husband and business partner, Sean Graham, they recognize that now is the time to take their business of delivering great design to another level.


The research shows that people who are comfortable at work put in longer hours and this can improve the overall company’s business. “I have always felt that good design in a work environment is not only pleasing on the eye for those visiting and working but also in its own way contributes to the productivity,” said Monique. “ In the end having its effect on the profitability of that company – which as we all know is the most important aspect.”

To reach SOS (Style Office Solutions) call 1-242-300-4228/352-7880/557-2307, email them at or like them on Facebook, Style Office Solutions Furnishings & Design.

Style Office Solutions Furnishings & Design (SOS) seeks to be the leader in providing office design and furniture throughout The Bahamas. SOS based in Nassau, Bahamas with an affiliate location in Freeport. SOS believes that the environments they create, are not only pleasing on the eye but contributes to the productivity the profitability of that company.



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