Glam It Up!

Growing up, Philane Sargent always loved helping her girl friends accessorize and coordinate their outfits. As she points out, she was was always into style, fashion and beauty, aiming to not only look good but really stand out. So, it’s no surprise that today, she’s still bringing out her “glam side”, having launched a women’s clothing and accessories store aptly called Glamgirlz.

Philane started the business in April 2019, just as the country was placed under heavy COVID-19 restrictions. Still, she says the home based business which she markets online and offers mobile delivery services has been able to navigate the pandemic.

“The pandemic was a blessing in disguise somewhat. With everyone at home, people had more opportunities to discover my business and it gave me more time to revamp the business and do a lot of promotional stuff. The reception to the business has been really good since day one. I’ve always had good support,” she says.

“Growing up I always loved helping my friends accessories and out outfits together. I was always into style fashion and beauty. After bringing out the glam side of me many persons began to question where I got my clothing and some would ask me for assistance in putting together their outfits,” says Philane. 

She adds, “The products that I sell, they go hand in hand. As a woman, she  you think of an outfit, you know that accessories make the look. You want it to be glamorous. When person says they are interested in a particular outfit, I always recommend an earring and then eventually they say hey I can use that hand bag or some other accessory. Before you know it they are walking away with a complete outfit and that’s what Glamgirlz is about.”

According to the young entrepreneur, one of her medium term goals is to own her on women’s clothing and accessories store. 

“One of my goals is tor achieve government funding. I had applied before and wasn’t successful but I’m not going to just 
give up, I’m going to try again. I want to be able to have my own store to operate and be able to satisfy my customers,” 

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