Fusion IMC launches Bahamas Media Insights to provide consumer media consumption data for local businesses

Regional marketing and public relations agency Fusion IMC announces the launch of Bahamas Media Insights, an annual media consumption study that enables both media buyers and sellers to make the best decisions around advertising strategies. 


The study will provide the industry with a single destination to understand how consumers engage with media, facilitating data-based decision-making for critical elements, including ad strategy and how best to target desired audiences.


With a sample size of more than 1,000 respondents, the nationally representative study utilizes comprehensive methodology, including an in-depth quantitative survey, media journals, and focus groups to deep-dive into local consumer habits and motivations. Media channels studied include radio, television, newspapers, digital media, and out of home.


Tyrina Rolle, the founder of Bahamas Media Insights, calls the study a “game-changer” for local advertisers and media houses. 


“Necessity is the mother of invention, and for the longest time, allocating marketing dollars in The Bahamas has remained a guessing game because of the lack of data on local media consumption. Even the most experienced marketers and business owners often made marketing decisions based on anecdotal evidence instead of reliable and verifiable data, and inevitably, this resulted in wasted advertising and wasted money,” she shared. 


“As the agency of record for brands such as Airbnb and Mastercard, we customarily relied on media consumption data in other Caribbean markets to drive our ad strategies. Yet here at home, there was no tool we could turn to for the insights we needed to fine tune our ad and media buying strategies. This is why we created Bahamas Media Insights. Armed with these insights, businesses can now make critical decisions around ad strategies and how best to target their desired audiences.” 


Bahamas Media Insights comes at a time when marketers and business owners are more focused than ever on spending wisely and boosting their bottom line. Typical research studies of this scope can cost tens of thousands of dollars if commissioned individually. Bahamas Media Insights provides a much-needed solution at a fraction of an individual company’s cost for the same data, with subscription levels starting at under four thousand. 


“We created Bahamas Media Insights to provide the data needed for businesses of every size, from a solopreneur to a large company with thousands of employees – it’s beneficial for any and every company operating in The Bahamas,” shared Rolle.


For more information or to subscribe, visit bahamasmediainsights.com


About Bahamas Media Insights


Bahamas Media Insights, powered by Fusion Integrated Marketing Communications, democratizes consumer media consumption research. Fusion IMC is a full-service marketing and public relations agency that offers 360-degree solutions for start-ups and multinational companies in the Caribbean and Central America. and are committed to strengthening brands in the Caribbean. 


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