From Italy with love

Having opened  dozens of restaurants over the course of his career, as a food and beverage director, Giorgio Bombino, says that owning a restaurant of his own has been ‘a life long dream’.

Italian-born Bombino who is married to a Bahamian and hails from the sun-baked region of Calabria, says that having worked for others throughout his career, he finally decided to invest his time in his own Italian restaurant. La Caverna, located in the Caves Shopping Plaza opened last September.

“I have been living here for almost 10 years and working for several places. I have opened many restaurants around the world and about five here in The Bahamas. One day I just told my wife that I was tired of working for people and I wanted to work for myself. That’s how La Caverna got started, says Bambino. The restaurant currently employs seven people.”

Bombino boasts that La Caverna is an authentic Italian restaurant. Bombino has worked closely with some of the best Italian and international chefs. “This and being Italian, having a love for food and knowing my culture and cuisine very well has given me the edge that is needed,” says Bambino.


“When the people come here they love it. They come and taste my food and all they can say is wow. The lasagna is like my mother makes it in Italy. La Caverna  is like the rustic restaurants in Italy. There is no microwave, nothing to destroy or contaminate the food. Also, I work only with fresh fish from the Bahamas. There’s a local a fisherman I have know for a long time. I trust him. When I don’t have fresh fish there is no fish. I only want it fresh.  It really makes the difference,” says Bombino. “I’m a worker. I love to be in my restaurant. I love to meet and talk to the guests,” says Bombino.

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