Dream coach aiming to motivate and inspire women to greatness

As a trained physiotherapist, Arkia Higgs, a married mother of two is all too familiar with many of the physical struggles and challenges people often endure and try to overcome.

Amid the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to also direct her passion for helping others and coaching persons through their physical impediments towards motivating and inspiring women – as a dream coach – to overcome their fears and doubts and be all they could ever aspire to be.

According to Higgs, while so many women spend most of their lives nurturing, encouraging and serving those around them, the reality is that after pouring out so much of themselves they to need time to be refilled, inspired and motivated.

“I feel as though as women we pour out a lot and sometimes we are running on empty for years, just holding on to broken pieces. We take care of the family, the home and those around us and it eventually can take a toll and wear you down. In our culture we as women often present this façade, as though we have it all together and we don’t need to ask for help when that’s definitely not the case,” says Higgs.

She adds, “I used to think that I didn’t need people, that I could do it all on my own. I was a one woman show. I have truly come to learn and appreciate the power of community, women helping women, people helping people. We all need someone. Someone needs to hear our stories and struggles to know that they are not alone. That’s the message I want to share.”

In 2020, Higgs launched Tipsy Tuesday, a forum through which she was able to provide a platform for various female speakers offering timely advice, motivation and practical tips for women.

“I started coming on with different topics, the struggle and pain people go through, giving them practical strategies and tips. I also intend to get more into the health and wellness aspect,” said Higgs who envisages a global stage to exercise her dreams and passion.

 “I think it really was a God thing for me to want to inspire and motivate other women. I’ve really been through a lot over the past few years says Higgs, noting that having faced financial challenges trying to complete college and the loss of a child were now part of her personal testimony of resilience.

“People say to me wow, you’re strong but it’s the Holy Spirit that has enabled me to keep going, God just put it in my heart that everything I went through was for a purpose and that was to help others get through their own personal struggles. Overcoming our obstacles or being overcome by them often comes down to the choices that we make,” said Higgs.

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