Down Home Bahamas Opens Flagship Store on Parliament Street

Exclusively carrying homegrown products, Down Home Bahamas makes it easy for locals and tourists alike to discover truly Bahamian brands.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS —  While the phrase, “location, location, location” is tightly tied to real estate, it also holds a firm place in business and marketing. If customers cannot find your business or product easily, it will be less likely to survive, regardless of how unique the product or attractive the pricing is. This is why Down Home Bahamas is on a mission to reclaim space for Bahamian-owned and Bahamian-made brands.

In March 2022, Down Home Bahamas will open its doors on the historical and highly trafficked area that is Parliament Street, providing access and opportunity to the small business community that has increasingly become harder to attain. Simply put, Down Home Bahamas wants Bahamian brands to reach locals and tourists more easily, and effectively help build a stronger small business community and better our economy. 

“It’s unfair that our own people have been priced out of premium locations. Authentically Bahamian products should be front and center. Not limited to pop-ups and on the backstreets.” said Keva Carey, Down Home Bahamas founder.

The flagship store promises to feature only Bahamian-owned and Bahamian-made products and hopes to bring all 700 islands and cays under one roof. Among the many brands that have shown interest, they’ve already signed on to include the following authentic brands:

“While business planning, we uncovered over 800 Bahamian brands and artists and thought about how it would feel to walk into a store and be able to interact with each one of them. We look forward to becoming a space for established business owners and emerging entrepreneurs to showcase their talents,” Carey continued. “We invite Bahamians to join our business collective and invite our community to support their neighbors.”

About Down Home Bahamas

Down Home Bahamas is an authentic Bahamian store focused on making it easy for locals and tourists to #ShopDownHome and easily discover truly Bahamian-owned and Bahamian-made brands. Learn more about Down Home Bahamas at, follow their journey on Instagram at @downhomebahamas, or visit their location on Parliament Street, Bayparl Building, Suite #16.

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