‘DealTrackr’ App launched by BAMMCO makes history.

The revolutionary DealTrakr APP, developed by BAMMCo (Bahamas Apps & Mobile Marketing Co.), brings proximity marketing to The Bahamas. DealTrakr is the first location-based Deal Hub to launch in this country.

Photo #1 A Sure Win

Keith Russell, BAMMCo APP Developer, points out DealTrakr APP features to Jennie Mezidor and Lamont Minnis of A Sure Win.

BAMMCo has successfully created an exclusive platform, using cutting edge technology that will allow local businesses to issue real time notifications to mobile users throughout The Bahamas. As persons walk past or step into participating businesses, a Beacon, placed discreetly inside, can deliver targeted messaging to their smartphones. Meanwhile, a Geofencing virtual trigger can push notifications to smartphones within a set range of each business.

The DealTrakr APP is now available as a free download, for all smartphones at www.dealtrakr.com. The public is invited to experience the APP and take advantage of exclusive deals and offers from businesses like, Wendy’s, A Sure Win, Lickety Split, Fashion Hall, Mario’s Bowling and Entertainment Palace, SouthWest Plaza, Buttons Bridal & Formal Wear, Fun Foods Wholesale, Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza, Asa H. Pritchard Ltd. and All Yours Virgin Remy Hair.

Photo #2 Wendy's

Selina Archer, Wendy’s Marketing Manager, with Keith Russell, BAMMCo APP Developer, teaming up to give Wendy’s customers exclusive deals via the DealTrakr APP.

DealTrakr users can receive notifications as videos, e-fliers, text messages or web URL’s. Each user will have the option of selecting which companies they would like to receive notifications from, to ensure they only receive messages from businesses they are interested in.

Keith Russell, owner of BAMMCo and developer of the DealTrakr APP declares, “This

new advertising avenue gives the customer control over the ad messages they receive and allows businesses to more effectively target customers.”

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