Chef Simeon Hall Jr to open ‘Preacher’s Kid’ restaurant

Bahamian Celebrity Chef Simeon Hall Jr., is preparing to spread the good news about Bahamian cuisine even further with the highly-anticipated opening of his island-inspired soul food restaurant, ‘Preacher’s Kid’.

Slated to open in late-July, the walk-up, casual food eatery will be situated in the heart of downtown Nassau at the newly-opened Nassau Cruise Port. With its prime location, the restaurant is poised to serve thousands of patrons from all over the world daily.

Hall conceived the idea of opening an ‘island soul food’ restaurant while consulting with the planning committee for the newly-unveiled Nassau Cruise Port.

“I started doing some work with the planning committee of the port and that blossomed into an opportunity to start this restaurant,” revealed the owner of Simeon Hall Restaurant Management Group.

The renowned chef and College of The Bahamas alumnus also added that as part of his agreement with the Nassau Cruise Port, and in partnership with the University of The Bahamas’ (UB) School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies, the restaurant will employ student chefs enrolled in the program.

The restaurant menu boasts an eclectic mix of island-infused comfort food items, including offerings such as plantain sticky buns, johnnycake biscuits, banana leaf jasmine rice, and a Bahamian-style roti.

“The Bahamas is seeing a rebirth in its food scene, and with ‘Preacher’s Kid’, we strive to add to that,” said the Bahamian food ambassador.

He continued: “We’ve coined the term ‘island soul food,’ a powerful expression that embodies our mission to preach and spread the great news about island cuisine and infuse such dishes with even more soulfulness.”

Chef Hall’s aptly-named “Preacher’s Kid” not only teases his soulful menu options, but also pays homage to an influential figure in his life: his father.

Amongst the many titles that he bears – chef, restaurant consultant, author, mentor – he is also the proud son of Baptist Bishop Simeon Hall.

“Someone said it best, that our restaurant will preach soul food. That’s our ministry – providing nourishment of the body with delicious island ingredient-driven food.”

“With this concept in mind, not only is ‘Preacher’s Kid’ a dope name for the restaurant, but it’s a huge part of my story as a person and serves as a tribute to my Dad,” he expressed.

Speaking on his father’s indelible influence on him, Chef Hall remarked:

“My dad has not only graciously opened up some doors for me, but he’s dropped me off to where the door was and prepared me to walk right through it,” says Hall.

Chef Hall, who’s been featured in top publications such as Bon Appetit magazine and cooked for a who’s who of celebrities, offered an interesting tidbit about his equally well-known father: “He can’t cook.”

He cheekily divulged: He thinks he can with his one signature dish called “tra-lal-la”, but that’s it.

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