Health & Wellness

Worth its salt…

    While salt production has been Inagua’s main industry since the late 1930’s, it is no stranger to some of the other islands across The Bahamas, where ‘salt ponds’ referred to as salinas (spanish) [Read More]


More than just a sweet scent..

Prickle Air Fresheners are about more than just sweet scents. The Bahamian-crafted paper air fresheners also offer a glimpse of the uniqueness of the Bahamian culture. The company which was started by avid Bahamian photographer [Read More]

Art & Fashion

Baha Chic

BahaChic, the emerging Bahamian clothing brand is hoping for greater exposure in 2017 as it looks to expand its offerings. It’s founder, 27-year-old Cassandra Johnson states: “For the past year rather than retail and sell [Read More]

Tourism & Travel

Ask Adell….

Looking to explore the Eleutheras….Ask Adell     If you’re looking to discover the Eluetheras or perhaps a quick weekend getaway to Harbour Island, without the hassle of making all of the arrangements yourself….. just ask [Read More]