BTC Introduces New Plan for Start-Up Businesses.

BTC made several big announcements at its recent  Fantastic Fridays Business Mixer. These included a brand new mobile plan just for start-up businesses and mobile device management.

Since small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, we’ve made a concerted effort to do more to meet the needs of this special group. In addition to creating a Small Business Unit and partnering with the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, we’ve now introduced a special mobile plan for new start-up businesses,” said Carlyle Roberts, Vice President for BTC Business.

Carlyle Group. B2B Event        The brand new “BTC Startup Business Plan” is available to all small business customers. It includes great features like unlimited talk and text. It also includes buckets of minutes for calls to the United States and Canada. BTC will also release its new “Business Premium” and “Business Executive” options next month, which include more data, and unlimited talk and text.

Roberts continued, “We want our customers to become partners, and from partners to family. We try to engender a spirit of partnership with them, and that’s what separates us.”

VR Gear Test. B2B Event (1).jpg

At the event, BTC also showcased one if its newest solutions, Mobile Device Management. “This solution allows business customers to monitor their users’ voice and data. Using mobile device management, companies can track and monitor usage in real time,” Roberts continued.


BTC also displayed its virtual reality gear and the latest smart watches at the event. “We want to showcase a lifestyle. We want to showcase what our customers can experience, not just with their mobile devices, but with their accessories as well. The virtual reality head gear allows our customers to get into a different “Galaxy Experience” I call it,” Roberts ended.
BTC hosts its monthly business mixer at the British Colonial Hilton. The sales team uses the opportunity to interact with clients while sharing the latest products and solutions with them.

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