Bootleg Chocolates introduces chocolate bars.

Bootleg Chocolates, the Freeport based chocolate manufacturer has now launched its own chocolate bar line.

Amanda Ormerod, co-founder says the company is looking to make its delicious chocolate products available to all Bahamians. The company is run by Amanda Ormerod and her mother Daphne, the master chocolatier and has been in existence since 2010.

“With COVID coming and we went into lockdown at the end of March we had to strategize on the next move for the business. We do a lot of hotel business. Even though we have our factory in Freeport and have the walk-in shop, a large volume is from the hotels. Without that business we looked at a few different ideas of how we would come out of this COVID pandemic and we decided to introduce a chocolate bar,” according to Ormerod.

She added, “My mom and I worked really hard over the last few years to get it to the right price point. The chocolate quality we use is gourmet chocolate and I wanted it to be priced close to Cadbury, to make it a no brainer to buy Bootleg. The chocolate bars we have is the large 90 gram. The smaller bars are more difficult to get to the right price point. Hopefully if these get popular I can make the smaller ones in the future.”

The company currently offers a creamy milk chocolate bar as well as Bahamian sea salt , toffee, peanut crunch and midnight almond crunch. You can pick up Bootleg Chocolates at the locations below.

Freeport locations:

Sav Mor

Cooper’s Gas Station

Focol/Grandsun Gas Stations:

Gas Station-BLVD

Gas Station- East Mall

Gas Station – Sunrise

DeGregory’s Fine Food in Seahorse Plaza

Nassau Locations:

Lowe’s Harbor Bay

Lowe’s Palmdale

Lowe’s Southwest Plaza on Carmichael Road

The Island House..

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