Bahrezy aiming to become a ‘household name’.

A Bahamian app-based transportation network is looking to ‘make a name for itself’, having attracted just over 1,500 users within its first year, with its new management committed to improving the business through a renewed focus on its drivers, customer service and marketing.
Bahrezy, the first ride sharing service in The Bahamas, similar to Uber and Lyft was launched in  2016 by 21-year-old Bahamian college student and the company’s chief executive Davonte’ Gay. image1
Mirlande Sherman, Bahrezy’s  manager told Tribune Business: “Certain things were not being met and so the owner decided to make a change in the management of the company. We want the company to have a greater focus on the drivers. The drivers are the backbone of the company. We are also placing a greater focus on our customer service. I think that there was a lack of focus previously in those areas. We are also going to improve our marketing efforts.”
She added: “We are taking steps to move the company in a positive direction for our staff and our customers. There are a few things that we are doing to try and make Bahrezy a household name. We are confident that with the strategies that we are using now and the team we have that Bahrezy could definitely be a household name. What we are doing now is taking steps to move the company in a more positive direction for our staff and our customers particularly when it comes to the level of service.”
Customers can download the Bahrezy app from the Apple store or the Google Play store and create their account using the required credentials. The company has just over 1,500 registered users and 15 active drivers.
“We get messages everyday from people wanting to become drivers. The drivers go through a very rigorous process. We collect police records, proof of insurance on their vehicle, driver’s license  and everything you would basically need for a job. They also must have been driving for at least five years with a clean driving record,” said Sherman.
She continued: “We have a team like atmosphere with our drivers. Our rides our monitored and we are able to monitor them in real time. Our drivers know that they are secure and so do our customers. Some of our drivers have cameras in their vehicles and we are working to have cameras in all of our vehicles.”
Sherman noted that the company is looking to attract locals as well as visitors to its services. “Of course the visitors are ready to jump on board because many of them are already familiar with the service. The locals are just getting their feet wet with the idea and many have said that they appreciate the concept.”
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