Bahamian tech solutions provider launches homes services App.

A Bahamian technology solutions provider has launched a professional services application and website aimed at helping small businesses grow and expand their offerings.

Kevin Adderley, a Bahamian tech developer residing in Seattle, says the Pro242 App and website set to officially launch on Thursday was designed around the concept of community building and supporting Bahamian enterprise.

“We refined some things since we first introduced the concept as it was new to the market. We see this now as an opportunity to really come together as Bahamians, especially small businesses. Small businesses help lift the economy. If they fail the economy fails. We want to be able to help those individuals who want to expand and grow their business ventures and for those considering how they can reach new customers. We spent a lot of time building the App around those concepts. We really see this as a community building effort,” said Adderley.

Pro242 is a professional services App and website similar to the popular Angie’s list and is available in for download on Apple and Android devices.

Adderley further explained, “The difference between Pro242 and other market place Apps is the fact that the customer gets to set their budget. That is important especially in these times. We don’t want people to be overcharging and we don’t want people to feel cheated. Someone may be waiting on the next say $300 job to come but if they can take five jobs for $75, they can still stay in business.”

He added, “We allow persons to really be mobile. If someone is from Nassau but vacationing in Bimini and someone there has a problem they can still get a notification and can decide if they can take the job. It doesn’t matter where the professional is they are going to have an opportunity.”

According to Adderley, Pro242 aims to ensure that consumers connect with professionals who can “do the job and do it right”. “We have put in a review system where a user cannot create a new task without leaving a review on their previous task.” The Pro242 website also directs users to business license and Value Added Tax registration pages.

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