Bahamian software developer launches payroll platform

A Bahamian software development company says that its new Human Resources and payroll platform will increase efficiency and provide significant cost savings for businesses through the automation of key functions.

Duran Humes, chief executive officer of Plato Alpha, says that the company’s recently launched Triblock HR software improves  a business’s operational  efficiency by drastically reducing the time its Human Resources and Payroll department spends managing payroll.

Plato Alpha is a Bahamian custom software development company which launched at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020. The company builds business systems, automates business processes as well as provides consultation on how to improve business efficiency and profitability using software/hardware solutions. 

“We launched TriBlock HR with business efficiency in mind. We saw  saw a lot of inefficiencies in the way Human Resources and payroll functions are managed. We decided that it would be good to take that challenge on, especially here in The Bahamas where a lot of the HR work is done manually. We designed a system specifically for The Bahamas with our employment law in mind; a system that is also well integrated and at a price point that small businesses can afford,” Humes stated.

He further explained, “The main benefit of the system is that it automates a lot of mundane tasks you have in your Human Resources department meaning that your Human Resources professionals don’t have to put in so many hours around pay day in terms of getting things put together. With a few clicks your payroll work will be made easier and your human resources professionals can have more time for actual employee engagement and not just pushing paper.”

According to Humes, Triblock HR has a robust payroll, time and attendance, performance management, reward/recognition and learning management features as well as a mobile app. The system also features an employee onboarding process to reduce the time and hassle incurred when hiring a new employee or rehiring an old employee. The system also allows for  employee access delegation where a manager can grant access to another employee to approve timesheets or other tasks in their absence.

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