Bahamian software company develops custom COVID-19 testing protocol for Doctor’s Hospital

On March 3, Doctors Hospital launched their new COVID-19 Testing Portal, a custom app designed by Bahamian software development firm Plato Alpha. The new portal centralizes test scheduling, payment, and patient history in one seamless platform. 

“This new software will help us increase efficiencies by automating many of our back-office operational tasks,” said Doctors Hospital Results Manager Sherzel Smith. “Considering the quick turnaround time, the platform that Plato Alpha has produced is nothing short of amazing. Doctors Hospital is the only organization in The Bahamas with a COVID Testing platform with these capabilities, and our expectation is that it will continue to help us provide quality service.”

Built from the ground up in less than 3 months, the new portal enhances the customer experience by streamlining the scheduling process, enabling patients to create an account to book and pay for tests. Patients may also access their accounts to view their test history.

“The previous system required a multistep process utilizing several platforms. We have created a custom solution that integrates all of the steps into one centralized platform,” said Plato Alpha Design CEO Duran Humes. The portal also integrates elements to verify test results, mitigating fraud.

“We designed a platform that generates a unique QR code for each test completed. That code appears on every test result document,” shared Plato Alpha Design’s COO, Keith Roye II. “If you were to scan that QR code, you would be able to see the test results on your device. If that result does not show up on your device, it’s most likely a fraudulent test. That’s just one of the ways we helped to vet tests and prevent fraud.”

Beyond enhancing the patient experience, the new platform provides medical professionals instant access to metrics with a centralized data hub that facilitates efficient reporting.

Plato Alpha, launched in 2019, is a full-service software and product development company committed to helping businesses increase efficiency and profitability by delivering winning digital solutions. 

“Our goal is to pioneer The Bahamas’ digital age and eliminate the need to source programmers, coders, and software developers from outside our borders,” stated Humes.

Plato Alpha has designed and developed digital systems for various local and international organizations, including the Rotary Clubs, the Government of The Bahamas, Super Value, and Codelitt. They have also developed a proprietary product TriBlock HR – specifically designed for Bahamian businesses – that drastically reduces the time HR and Payroll departments spend doing repetitive work. 

“We were honoured to work with Doctors Hospital, and we look forward to strengthening our relationship with them,” shared Roye II. This project was a blast to work on and aligns with our mission to provide cutting-edge, high-quality software solutions that deliver measurable results.”

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