Bahamian entrepreneur tapped as lead for For(bes) The Culture Bahamas chapter

Bahamian entrepreneur Lincoln Deal II has been selected as The Bahamas  Lead  for For(bes) The Culture which will launch a Bahamas chapter this August.

For(bes) The Culture was founded at the 2017 Forbes Under 30 Summit by Rashaad Lambert. The organization provides a platform for “professional development, social consciousness, civic engagement, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship, social and cultural outings, personal and professional workshops and seminars, mentoring, tutoring and networking.” For(bes) The Culture has  a network of more than 3,000 members worldwide.

Lincoln Deal II

Deal said, “I am definitely humbled having been afforded this opportunity. I have been working with Forbes for six years now. Its truly been a rewarding experience, filled with a lot of great networking opportunities. I actually met the manufacturer of my containerized farm back in 2016 at the Under 30 Summit.”

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Deal said, “I think it’s incredible that they are going to launch a Bahamas chapter. I know that it will bring about a lot of mentorship opportunities for Bahamian entrepreneurs from a number of organizations such as Microsoft, iHeart Media and Essence. It will also provide as funding and networking opportunities via Forbes and For)bes) The Culture). I know a few of my colleagues that got funding through the initiative,” said Deal.

He added, “This Is an opportunity to really put The Bahamas and Bahamian entrepreneurs out there. It’s really exciting stuff. I am also hopeful that we can attract a conference to The Bahamas and what that could mean for our tourism industry.”

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