Bahamian distributor launches its own ice cream brand.

Fun Foods Wholesale, the local frozen desert distributor last week officially launched its own brand of ice cream, ‘Unca Lou’s’ Premium Ice cream.

The company which distributes ice cream brands such as Nestle and Haagen Dazs  Rich’s, San Bernardo, JT’s, Ice Cream Club has now added its own brand to the mix, in an effort to provide Bahamian consumers with flavors that they enjoy the most.


Llewellyn Burrows, vice-president and managing director of Fun Foods Wholesale Ltd and ice cream retail outlet Lickety Split, told Tribune Business that Justbiz242 that two years of trial and error and market research,  the company last week officially launched the Unca Lou’s Premium Ice cream brand at Super Value Mackey Street. He expects that the brand which will offer flavors popular with Bahamian consumers, will become a household name.

“We expect in the next two months to have this product throughout The Bahamas. I’m very confident that it will be successful. There is a lot more that we can do with it but we belive that this is a huge start for this brand and we want the Uncle Lou name to become a household name,” said Mr Burrows.


“I always wanted to make my own ice cream but it was so cost prohibitive with setting up a factory and all of that.  There’s this phobia in local manufacturing because a lot of Bahamian manufacturers have a hard time getting into the market and getting people to buy  into what is Bahamian. We have been distributing  for 16 years and we know the market well. We hear the constant cries from Bahamians that they can’t get flavors they really love.”

Mr Burrows added: “I went on a venture two years ago to see if we could bring something to market through our own means. We did some research and surveys on what flavors Bahamians would like to get. I started to look around for a factory that would assist us in doing the production and we pinpointed a well-known and experienced factory in Florida and started working with them on different recipes. That was quite  a challenge and it took months. It took a lot of trail and error.”

Mr Burrows noted that the company currently offers six flavors; Rum Raisin, Coconut and Pineapple, Toffee Caramel, Cookies and Cream, Butter Pecan and Vanilla. “We went with six flavors that we know Bahamians love and which we consider to be top sellers in The Bahamas.”

“It was a long and tedious task but we are happy  to be finally launching after much trial and error. We already have the customer base that we need to do a proper launch throughout Nassau and the islands.”

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