Baha Chic

BahaChic, the emerging Bahamian clothing brand is hoping for greater exposure in 2017 as it looks to expand its offerings.

It’s founder, 27-year-old Cassandra Johnson states: “For the past year rather than retail and sell we have also been hosting fashion shows. The Fantastic Friday is something that we have done two years in a row. We go to Andros a lot for their festivals.  In 2017 we’re hoping to expose the company more and produce more products. In order to do that we would need more people, more seamstresses, more photographers, more jewelers. Hopefully one day it can become another industry. I feel that we have so much talent here and people who can work so well with their hands.”

Starting this month and straight through the summer, Johnson who is based on Eleuthera says that BahaChic, will have a showcase on Sundays at the Romora Bay Resort and Marina on Harbour Island.

As Johnson explains, BahaChic is not a traditional store-based businesses. It’s not a store based business, so it’s not like a boutique where you can just walk in and buy it but you can definitely purchase the products online. I do have a jeweler. She makes all of the jewelries and accessories, whether it’s earrings or necklaces. Everything is authentically Bahamian. We try to keep the product as Bahamian as possible, whether its conch shells, conch horns, sand anything that we can find indigenous to our heritage. Even though I design the products I have a seamstress who is one of the top Androsia seamstresses on Andros as well as a jeweler. They areboth basically small business owners. What BahaChic does is we are trying to brand other small businesses whether you’re a photographers, hairstylist, a makeup artist. all of that comes under one umbrella of entertainment and design.”

Johnson says that she hopes that the Bahamian fashion industry continues to grow and becomes ‘more than just a hobby’. “I find that a lot of tourists prefer that natural Bahamian cultural kind of thing. Locals are actually becoming more consumed with the idea of wearing things Bahamian. We want to get people to appreciate what we have which is the Androsia fabric.”

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