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Looking to explore the Eleutheras….Ask Adell

10968507_823783704351248_8032787547488283257_n    If you’re looking to discover the Eluetheras or perhaps a quick weekend getaway to Harbour Island, without the hassle of making all of the arrangements yourself….. just ask Adell.

Adell Farquharson, the Eleuthera native launched Briland Soul six year ago, the only destination management company for the Eleutheras. The company actually began as a concierge  and catering company. Since then, the company has evolved to fully service the guests of Harbour Island and Eleuthera with every need imaginable. Just ask Adell’ she and her team will make it happen. 15306133_123602088130620_8098041333437956096_a

“If you’re in Nassau and you want to do a guys week end to Harbour Island but you don’t want to have to call this person and that person, you just ask Adell. In fact, I have a blog that will be launched in the new year called ‘Ask Adell’.

“We’ll book your  transportation, we’ll get your golf carts, do your rentals, give you suggestions on where to go what to do, where to eat who to meet when to come, best times of the year for this or that. If it’s a weeding party or a birthday party we can make it happen,” says Adell.

10440797_850137888382496_8826254065122010829_n  Adell is urging young Bahamians to pursue their passion and look for business opportunities for themselves. “You have to do your own thing. The Eleutheras are prime for entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur I have many passion but it’s about balance. As long as you’re able to find that balance and make it happen, take the leap of faith. Take that 9-5 money and put that into capitalizing a solid business opportunity.”

Adell also works in real testate and just recently joined up with Better Homes & Gardens MCR Bahamas as its representative on Harbour Island. “The real estate market in Harbour Island is hot. We are a little bubble here. When the rest of the world and the economy was in a slump a lot of people took that opportunity to invest in Harbor Island. The market just shot up. We have an active market. iIt’s a different type of market because properties start at around $1 million. It’s high end, it’s a luxury market but at the same time the people who come to harbor Island have to love Harbour Island and Eleutehra with a different kind of love. If Habour Island isn’t your thing we could find a private little beach on Eleutehra that you an you family can enjoy. it’s a different experience. Thats what makes the Bahamas unique. Our geography y lends to that kind of diversity of choice.”



  “Eleutherans are  just a friendly group of people and so we see a lot of return visitors. They come year after year, make friends here and they want to live with their friends.The people who come here have probably ben renting here for years or are the children of people who have even coming here for years. We have people who are repeat visitors who will purchase property here,” says Adell.



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6 years ago

Nice to see a black-owned business flourishing. Best wishes to Adell and her concierge business!