Artisan calls for small business legislation.

A renowned Bahamian artisan has urged the establishment of a Small Business Act.

Miralee Rose, owner of Miragee Arts and a former Cacique award winner for handicraft that such a legislation should address issues such as the availability of capital, concessions and technical assistance. Her remarks came at the 26th annual Bahamas Business Outlook. Miragee Arts located in Festival Place at the Prince George Dock produces shell craft, Christmas, ornaments, native jewelry, mirrors and souvenirs. Citing the availability of capital as one of the major challenges she has faced while operating her business, Rose said that the small business act should address the availability of capital and concessions for persons operating in the cottage industries.6b6a7936-1

While presenting at the outlook Rose said: “When I look back at all the issues and challenges in business I can say we surely need a Small Business Act; an act that will address the needs of entrepreneurs;  address setting up business incubators and cooperatives in strategic locations as well as address the capital and ongoing technical assistance for entrepreneurs. Many times persons start out with their business and find that they have to do mostly everything themselves. Record keeping for instance gets pushed under the carpet but if they have some technical assistance and assistance with marketing, that could really help them on their way,” said Rose.

Rose called for incentives for persons  establishing businesses in the cottage industries and the establishment of economic zones in depressed areas. “That is where you see young women and men not doing anything so why not find ways to get them involved in the cottage industry. I have seen how it can make a difference in their lives when they see money in their hands. Many of them have the passion but they just need the assistance.”

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