App brings innovation to Bahamas inter-island shipping.

The founder of a Bahamian e-commerce is hoping to bridge the gap between family island economies with the launch of an APP that  will bring ‘new school innovation’ to the local mailboat system.

Omar Isaacs, chief marketing officer/founder of BUYBAHAMIAN.BIZ, an e-commerce site founded back in 2013, announced the soft launch of The Bahamas’ only inter-island trade APP dubbed “BAHAMIAN 2 BAHAMIAN – B2B”. 

Nine  months ago, the team set out on an in-depth fact finding mission within The Bahamas’ multi-stakeholder insular shipping system. It was discovered that there no single place on or offline other than at Potter’s Cay Dockmaster’s office where consumers or interested travelers could examine or keep track of the mail boat schedules.

There was also the issue of business owners on several family islands who, though eager to expand their domestic market reach, were unfortunately stagnated by what they found to be a cumbersome process when shipping via the mailboat system. These two gaps spawned the creation of The Bahamas’ first one-way inter island trade app for web. The app has centralized the mail boat system scheduling for easy access and viewing. It also provides a booking and reservation solution for persons wanting to ship an average-size box, average-size pallet or pre-book one-way travel tickets from one island origin to their desired island destination using Nassau as the hub.

“We wanted to create a platform where you could book a ticket on the mailboat, view shipping times and buy a ticket to the family islands. We wanted to bring new school innovation to that industry. This is all part of our greater mission which is to be that bridge that connects all of the micro-economies of our islands and foster inter-island trade,” said Isaacs.

He added: “We haven’t gone wholesale with the APP yet. Right now it’s really for the Bahamian entrepreneurs looking to expand their product reach domestically. We really believe in supporting our own and giving Bahamian entrepreneurs a platform to push their products.” 


Media Contact:

Omar A. Isaacs, Chief Marketing Office & Founder |


Tel: (954)647-0865

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