Local author Fay Knowles started writing at age nine and now at seventy-five years old, she said she doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon! She has just released her fifth book, “Moonbeams from The Soul: A Collection of Fourteen Provocative Short Stories”, available on Amazon as an e-book and in paperback. From wild temptations to dangerous decisions, “Moonbeams from the Soul” is an eclectic assortment of thought-provoking short stories.

“Eager for More from This Author!” stated an Amazon Five Star Review of Moonbeams from the Soul. The review continued: “OMG! What a marvellous collection of stories. They will reel you in, entertain and refresh you, and have you eager to go on to the next one! I thoroughly enjoyed each of these fourteen short stories by Fay Knowles and can’t wait for her next book.”
“Moonbeams” is Fay’s second book of short stories. The first was “Sunbeams from The Heart: A Collection of Twelve Romantic Short Stories”. “The Lady” magazine, London, England, wrote about one of Fay’s short stories in Sunbeams, first published in The Lady: “Hugely popular…Charming and surprising!”
Sunbeams from the Heart made Amazon’s top 100 paid best-sellers’ list in the Literature & Fiction/Short stories category shortly after it was first released, next to Stephen King’s “Hearts in Atlantis” in Best Sellers in Literary Short Stories. And Sunbeams was also in the top 100 paid bestsellers’ list in the Literature & Fiction/Short Stories category, alongside Agatha Christie’s “Miss Marple – The Complete Short Stories”.

Fay quoted New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman: “Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds and other minds and other dreams. They are journeys you can make to the far side of the universe and still be back in time for dinner.”

Fay’s short stories have also appeared in “The Broadkill Review”, Delaware, U.S.A.
Other books by Fay Knowles are “Love at Sunset: A Romantic Suspense” (Book One in her Buchanan Mystery Romance Series); “The Scottish Connection: A Journey Back – Mini-memoir” and a writer’s guide “How to Be the Best Writer Ever”, all available on Amazon.

Fay is currently working on a new novel “Oleanders End”, which will be her sixth book and Book Two in her Buchanan Mystery Romance Series. “With Oleanders End,” she says, “there are some mysterious deaths and lots of romance!”

She said her training as a newspaper reporter in her teens gave her much food for thought when it came to writing suspense! And she attributed her bright style, engaging characterization and descriptive scenes to having moved around a lot as a child (Scotland, Australia and England) and travelling abroad when she became an adult. Her father was in the Royal Australian Air Force during the Second World War. He met her Women’s Royal Air Force mother in Scotland, where they married and where Fay was born.
At age twenty, Fay emigrated to Canada by ship and then to avoid a Canadian winter, travelled by Greyhound coach from Toronto to Miami and flew to Nassau, Bahamas, where she intended staying for only three months. However, she met her husband Erskine, a Long Islander, a month later and they were married the next year! Apart from several years living twice in the UK with her husband and sons, she says she has actually lived in The Bahamas more years than anywhere else.

Moonbeams from the Soul can be purchased online as an e-book and in paperback at The universal link is And Sunbeams from the Soul can be purchased at and Or ask your favourite local bookstore to place an order for you.
For more information on books by Fay Knowles go to and Also, follow her on Instagram @faykwrites to get a free e-book.

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