Bahamian Entrepreneurs Launch New High Speed Ferry Excursions to Eleuthera

If you feel a sense of excitement building, it usually portends the beginning of something dramatic, something unexpected, or something new. Tourism Adventures Limited captures all three.

“And it’s only the beginning!” enthused young Bahamian entrepreneur, Tyrone Sawyer II, Director/COO, speaking on behalf of the Founding Shareholders Group of Tourism Adventures Limited.

But it is more than just a beginning; it is a new beginning. You see, Tyrone’s dad (and namesake) was the entrepreneur behind – and Founding President of – Bahamas Fast Ferries Services Limited which introduced 35 knots per hour high speed inter-island ferry service between Nassau, Spanish Wells and Harbour Island and Eleuthera in 1999. And “Bo Hengy” was his great grandfather. This provides a strong working knowledge to guide the success of the Tourism Adventures Limited model.

For Tourism Adventures Limited, the notion of high speed is central. It is the enabling factor to its business model. In the upcoming Fall/Winter Season, Tourism Adventures Limited will launch a high-speed, 400-passenger ferry. The vessel will be deployed to operate “Day Trip” excursions between Nassau and Eleuthera at a speed of 47 knots per hour. This facilitates a travel time of one (1) hour between Nassau and Eleuthera.

Passengers will visit an exquisite excursion site in North Eleuthera. There, they will partake in an Authentic Out Island Excursion experience which encompasses multiple activities, such as: visits to nearby historical sites, kayak rides, bottom fishing, a private sanctuary to relax, to pray, to swim, or to sip a pineapple daiquiri.

But the most compelling “draw” of the entire Tourism Adventures Limited experience is the way that it engages customers from beginning to end.   For example: Tourism Adventures Limited has a full roster of live-action characters, like BahamaMan©, the Bahamian super hero who touches the lives of over one million students per year in classrooms in Georgia, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas – and is making his pilgrimage home.

There will be an almost-singular focus by Tourism Adventures Limited to attract excursions by schools/affinity clubs, the 3.5 million cruise passengers and the 1.4 million hotel visitors per year to Nassau. There is a gaping need. And Tourism Adventures Limited will fill it.

At its core, Tourism Adventures Limited is driven by the clarion call for young Bahamians to step up and make a meaningful contribution to the country’s growth and development.

“There are tremendous benefits to be garnered across-the-board,” continued Sawyer. “Tourism Adventures Limited will employ 70 persons in the first year alone.   The company’s ethos is to provide multiple job opportunities over the next five years, to “kick start” many new businesses in Nassau and Eleuthera, to increase visitor arrivals and room nights to Eleuthera, while showcasing Bahamian entrepreneurship in a very significant way.”

Tourism Adventures Limited is coming soon! “Don’t Miss The Boat!”

For Information, contact:

Tyrone G. Sawyer II

(242) 376-0816

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