Experience “Blackbeard’s Escape”.

“The year is 1718 and Woodes Rogers is rounding up pirates – you are summoned to meet Blackbeard in his hideout and have just one hour to escape before the British soldiers find you.”

Black Beard’s Escape, is the Bahamas’ first escape room experience, combining a piece of Bahamian history with a growing world-wide phenomenon. Escape rooms are interactive game/puzzles where groups of people are locked in a room and have to solve puzzles and find clues to escape, all within 60 minutes.

The idea to bring the experience to The Bahamas was that of Lee and his wife Chrystonia McCoy, local entrepreneurs who have done many escape rooms around the world. The pair also own TMC Engineering Ltd, Harbour Safaris Ltd., PROMPT, and Jungle Float Ltd.

My husband and I fell in love with Escape Rooms during travel and decided that we really needed to bring this awesome experience home, to the Bahamas. Escape rooms are gaining in popularity around the world and are as common as visiting the movies, or a video arcade,” says Mrs McCoy.

She describes Black Beard’s Escape as, “a new form of entertainment in which players spend up to an hour following clues, solving puzzles and unlocking boxes to ultimately ‘escape the room’. Blackbeard’s Escape is a unique opportunity that encourages teamwork, communication and creative thinking, it also tests critical thinking, conflict management and problem-solving skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Black Beard’s Escape is an experience for locals and tourists can enjoys she explains. “We welcome both tourist and locals to play. An escape room offers the opportunity to disconnect from our phones and reconnect with the people around us.  The scenario allows you to test your problem solving and communication skills with others. We have already had the pleasure of hosting private birthday parties, corporate groups, date nights, girls night, and even a bachelor party. Everyone is invited to Blackbeard’s Escape!

She adds: “We offer up to an hour of unique entertainment for a very reasonable price. We are open Monday through Sunday and invite people to check out our website or call and make their reservations today. Blackbeardsescape.com 242-813-3222


Black Beard’s Escape officially opened to the public in October of 2018 and so far the response has been great says Mrs McCoy.  With very little advertising both locals and tourist have come and taken their turns at escaping.  Our reviews have been fantastic with the overwhelming majority of them being 5 stars.


For persons who may be claustrophobic or weary about being locked in a room, no worries, you’re free to come and go as you’re never really locked in.  The room is designed for beginners and advanced players.

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