Incudesk Set To Expand Shared Workspace Offering.

INCUDESK, the local shared workspace company is expanding its offering with a new location which will cater to its corporate members.

The company which launched nine months ago has seen its 12-office Chesapeake Road location fully subscribed. The company has a  waiting list of more than 100 interested persons. Incudesk was started by William Bastian, Incudesk president, and Ericka Wilson, Incudesk vice president, who themselves are small business owners. Check out our previous post on Incudesk here.

Mr Bastian told Tribune Business: “The journey definitely hasn’t been easy. The whole thing has been like one long school exam. We certainly have an ability to adapt very quickly has kept us on top. When we set out we wanted multiple locations. We just didn’t expect it to happen this quick. Our expansion into number one Bay Street is going to be for the corporate sector of Incudesk; a bit more upscale with a lot more services.  It will include services such as our concierge something were really excited about.”

Ms Bastian further stated: “At this point we have over 150 members. We have a waiting list of over 100. Our demand for private offices is dramatically increasing, not just from locals but internationally as well. We have international members that utilise our services when they come to The Bahamas. Incudesk Corporate will be at a different price point than we offer here but will still be very much affordable and every thing will be automated. Even though the demand is there we’re making this move because we’re ready as a company to do it.”

Both Bastian and Wilson noted that the strong take-up in Incudesk’s offering has demonstrated the need start-ups and small businesses have in finding affordable workspaces in which to conduct their business and meetings.

“We work diligently to perfect the concept. The ability to connect space and people is very important.  People love that synergy in our spaces,” said Ms Bastian.

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