Nassau Night Market Launches To Bring In the Christmas Season

When Brandon Kemp visited a Taiwanese night market in 2015, he was amazed by the variety of food stalls, drink vendors, and artisans that filled the streets as hundreds of people crowded through them every night.

He wanted to recreate that night-market feeling in The Bahamas, so he decided to reach out to various special artisans who would come together to represent the creativity and talent in this country.

The Nassau Night Market gives Bahamians and tourists the chance to see Bahamian products and culture on full display.

Visitors will be able to browse and taste the flavours of numerous vendors, buy handcrafted products, and enjoy the evening’s featured street performers.

Each Friday will be different as a rotation of vendors, dancers, groups of poets and comedians, artists, and other Bahamian talents will add to each week’s special theme.

“We want to give local entrepreneurs a creative platform on which to sell their products,” said Brandon Kemp, founder of SeaRoc, a business development company.

“We have extraordinary talent and creativity in The Bahamas. Providing a venue for Bahamian entrepreneurs and artisans to showcase themselves is something we’re really excited about. And by having new vendors and artists there each week, it will be fresh every weekend.”

Vendors will include The Taco Kitchen, Divine Flavor, Savage!COOKIES, Mojibros, The Pink Shack, Tirstys, Bentonite Beauty Clay, Rose Essentials, Mr. Flea, Natural Scrubs and more.

Why the night?

“Many people will agree that Bahamians try very hard to stay out of the heat and sun, yet once or twice a year hundreds of people gather at day-time festivals like the International Food Festival and Jollification,” noted Kemp, president of SeaRoc.

“This event aims to give everyone the chance to enjoy something they love, in the cool of the evening.”

Nassau Night Market will run from 6 pm to 12 am every Friday, and its first pop-up location will be on Market Slope, immediately east of the Straw Market downtown. Entrance is $3. Food, beverages and 100% Bahamian products will be available for sale.

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