Cyber Security Start-Up Aims To Raise Awareness About Cyber-Attacks

A Bahamian cyber security start-up is on a mission to reduce the risk of cyber attacks in the country through increased awareness and training.

Gamin Wilson, Managing Director, Bahamas Cyber Shield, who worked in banking for nearly two decades before launching the company said that generally there is a false sense of security with regards to cyber-attacks. 

“I sense that we have a lot of misconceptions about it and that there is a false sense of security. I  have come to realize that there isn’t really anyone out there trying to educate the public as a whole on this issue of cyber-security,” says Mr Wilson.

This he said provided the impetus to get in the cyber-security business. “I felt the need to fill this gap with a company focused on protecting Bahamians by providing cyber-security awareness generally as well as to companies, to train their employees on how to recognize and avoid cyber-attacks,” he says. 

When I left banking this year I had already started to get a lot deeper into cyber-security personally as well as for family members and friends who would often refer to me on such issues. As I was looking around to get into something it seemed like a natural fit for me. I noted that Bahamians seemed very susceptible to all manner of scams, not just online. I noticed that we are becoming more and more integrated with technology. The mobile penetration in The Bahamas is very high, so many people are using technology but a lot of people do not realize the dangers, risks and how to avoid them,” says Mr Wilson.

“World-wide we see that ransomware is really huge right now. What usually happens is a hacker will send a persons an email, convict them to click on a link or download some type of attachment that installs malicious malware on their computer. That would encrypt all of that persons files and lock their computer and they would have to pay to regain access. Phishing attacks are also pretty big as well. Most cyber attacks occur via email. Hackers have figured out that people  are the weakest link in any information security system.”

He adds: “I think local companies need to take action to increase awareness within their companies so that their staff are aware of the risk and they should have policies and are able to recognize certain attacks and how to avoid them. When we talk about cyber awareness it’s not just about telling someone to use a strong password or not click on a link. If it’s not reinforced, if they’re not engaged and it’s not a part of company culture they will still fall victim to those mistakes.”

As to the services Bahamas Cyber Shield provides Mr Wilson explains: “The service I have is focused on creating continuous training and awareness in a company. We have online training modules where they have to do cyber security training, exposing persons to different methods of attacks and common attacks they would likely see. They would have to also take an exam. There is also continuous training in terms of weekly micro-training, with two minute videos. There are simulated phishing attacks. There are also policy documents we give the companies and allow them to ensure they have the right policies and controls in place. We don’t offer the technology aspect just yet but we’re right now focused on the people in the process.”





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