Walker Strachan Linen Services Launches Premier Commercial Laundry

Walker Strachan Linen Services is a newly established Commercial Laundry and Linen Company designed to service Hotels, Yachts, Restaurants, Club Houses, Event Venues, Spas, Salons and other businesses that need bedding,  table linen, cloth napkins and other textiles cleaned and pressed.

David Strachan, Managing Director of the facility notes how outsourcing laundry and linen rentals can help businesses with operating costs i.e. electricity, production labour, water & sewerage, linen replacementWe have structured our business to be energy-efficient and sourced top of the line Commercial Laundry Equipment from companies that pride themselves in their products so that it is an affordable alternative. We also offer emergency services to hotels that have inhouse facilities to keep up with demand, we understand how things get during peak moments and/or downtime with maintenance.”

As an external supplier we have contingencies in place, including quality-assurance processes to check for finished quality, cleanliness and replacement linen. We offer tailored logistics, linen procurement (supply and management), linen rentals and a reliable service that has our customer’s genuine interest in mind.

We’ve just made it through the first quarter of startup and operations and in November, we are launching the second tier of the business which includes concierge valet wash and press, this will be dedicated to homeowners, property managers, short term rentals with various linens and laundry that can take advantage of our services for proper sanitizing on an as needed basis” Mr. Strachan added.

About Walker Strachan Linen Services:

Walker Strachan Linen Services was founded June 2018 by David Strachan and Chavala Walker.

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