Handcrafted Beverage Line Serving Up Love and Creativity In A Bottle.

A husband and wife team say they have found a way to pour their collective ‘love and creativity into a bottle’.

That’s what you get from Raynak Beverages; a ‘taste of true love’ and  a ‘burst of flavors in every drink’ says Nakita Andrews, one half of the team behind the Bahamian beverage brand, sold under the Raynak Enterprise umbrella.

Raynak (Ray for Raymond and Nak for Nakita) Beverages was launched this past February  and currently features five flavors which are handcrafted and served fresh from the couple’s home-based business.


“My husband and I are creatives and we are always trying new things. I’m a photographer and my husband is a certified and experienced bartender, he is also a chef at heart and has worked as a chef as well,” says Mrs Andrews.

One day in 2015 we both decided that we wanted to start our own beverage business, however we didn’t know where we wanted to start. In 2016, my husband then went to school to become a professional bartender where he was successful. In mid 2017, we built a bar in our home. Thereafter, we started experimenting and creating drinks of our own. For us, it wasn’t all about the beverages but rather creating a brand.”

29178200_2118178561736897_8928901970870140928_nMrs Andrews explains that  all of their production is done at home and all sales are done by delivery only. “With our motto being “Indulge In The Experience” we pride ourself on delivering the experience to you.”

The couple, which also juggle the sales and marketing responsibilities definitely has plans to expand and are open to networking. “We do hope to expand and are open to networking with food trucks, corporate offices and business that are frequented by tourists and locals alike,” says Mrs Andrews.

The company’s beverage line features some interesting flavor combinations designed to arouse the tastebuds. The company currently sells:

HUSH– a coconut and butterscotch flavored alcoholic beverage

GONE– a Berry flavored alcoholic beverage

(Mrs Andrews says Hush and Gone came from inside jokes between she and her husband)

128   (The couple’s wedding anniversary day, January 28) is a peach and orange flavored alcoholic beverage

ATIKAN(Nakita spelled  backwards) a strawberry, cinnamon and lemon flavored non-alcoholic beverage

ONEVART(Traveno spelled backwards, Mr Andrew’s middle name) is a peach and lemon flavored non-alcoholic beverage

“We have had a positive response thus far and we are actively thinking of new ways to build the brand and to reach more consumers. Our beverages are handcrafted. Retailing to food stores, gas stations, etc. is not what we intended to do however our interest lies with retailing to grill spots, conch salad stands and the like. Our beverages are similar to a freshly squeezed lemonade or a freshly mixed fruit punch. We have no intentions of adding any artificial preservatives which will ultimately change the taste of our products and the  brand itself,” says Mrs Andrews.


She adds: “We expect to have ten drinks in total, five alcoholic and five non-alcoholic. So far we have five drinks, three of which are alcoholic and two non-alcoholic. Our beverages are overall refreshing and satisfying to the tastebuds. They often leave people in awe because of the burst of flavors each drink has.”

As to what sets Raynak apart, Mrs Andrews says: “We stand firm on providing you with a taste of TRUE love. There is a burst of different flavors in every drink, that will arouse your tastebuds over and over again. Our beverages are handcrafted and served fresh daily. So far, everyone who has tried them fell in love with them and we promise to deliver the same quality, consistency and taste always!”

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  1. Audrey Burrows | July 4, 2018 at 9:18 pm | Reply

    Interesting. Blessings on your biz; would like to try the non alcohol bev

  2. Raynak Enterprises I love the drinks

  3. Best drink in town

  4. Very nice and refreshing drinks . The flavors are so bold and stands out . As soon as the drinks hit your tongue it will definitely pick up on the flavors and beg for more !! Give it a try you won’t regret it !

  5. Great job. Applause to new Bahamian businesses. Hope you guys have a successful year this year and beyond.

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