Workspace Provider Aiming to Meet Small Business Needs

Incudesk, a Nassau-based shared workspace company is aiming to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers and innovators ‘get going’ and reduce overhead costs.

William Bastian,  co-founder of Incudesk, located on Chesapeake Road off Mackey Street says the company offers flexible solutions to serve the evolving needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

“We’re still working towards our grand opening but we kicked off our advertising campaign a few weeks ago, mainly on social media. So far most of our office spaces have been filled. Everyday we’re getting more and more interest in our membership plan. The response has been really good. A lot of people see the value in it. We are looking at different ways to really get the word out there.”

The company says that its offering of co-working spaces are ‘about more than just a desk and a chair’, with customizable  environments for a business’s brand.

“We see this as a way to fill the gap. There are a lot of small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs trying to get going and this offers them a way to get started. We offer all-inclusive office spaces and  membership plans with benefits like the flexible office and a car sharing service at half the rate of a regular rental.”

Bastian adds: “We also have a few corporate partners such as StartUp Bahamas which will give members access to certain services such as business plans at a discounted rate.  When you become a member you also get access to our community page, something like a mini Facebook where meets can sign on, create profile and get to promote their business within the community,” said Mr Bastian. 

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