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Bahamian Entrepreneur Launches Bahamas Nightlife Website and Mobile App


Young entrepreneur Sherwin Johnson, president of EVO Bahamas, has taken the charge to help jump start the Bahamian economy by launching one of the biggest Bahamian social platforms ever. The Bahamas Nightlife website and mobile app will launch this spring and will boost Bahamian businesses while encouraging locals and visitors to enjoy everything The Bahamas has to offer.

Mr. Johnson said, “Most times, Bahamian businesses especially small ones, don’t have the mega dollars like large corporations to entice both locals and tourist into their establishments. This is why The Bahamas Nightlife was created. It gives everyone a level playing field to attract as many customers as possible.”

Tourism is the Bahamas’ leading industry and many people flock to our shores to experience this island paradise. Mr. Johnson included that most tourist won’t experience the real Bahamas as they are only directed to the companies that pay local drivers to bring customers to their doors.

“Moreover, most Bahamians have lost the enthusiasm to enjoy The Bahamas like they should. This is also because they are not privy to information if it is not in their ‘circle’. So, whether you are looking for a club to party at or a church service to worship to, a quiet Lounge or even a business seminar, The Bahamas Nightlife will give you enough information to decide what you want to do”, Mr. Johnson added.

Businesses that sign up for a small fee will be allowed to add events, promotions and features to an integrated calendar that will allow web and app users to select activity by date, category, location, time, etc. The website and mobile app also has a dedicated product and services page for other business.

The Bahamas Nightlife will get views of 270,000+ per month, as per web analyst, and is dedicated to becoming The Bahamas’ best social GPS. The Bahamas Nightlife seeks to partner other companies who feel this revolutionary platform is needed and will change the fabric of the Bahamian economy, both nationally and independently for business owners.

A project of this magnitude requires great support, therefore, Mr. Johnson has approached the local tourist ministry along with other prominent businesses to seek assistance with the complete roll out of such an revolutionary project. Mr. Johnson says he hopes for a favourable response in the near future.

Mr. Johnson encourages persons to like and follow on Facebook at . The Bahamas Nightlife website and mobile app are set to launch before summer 2018.


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  1. I appreciate the highlight. It’s time to really build the people of this island paradise…

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