Tech Solutions Company Gears Up For App Launch

A tech solutions company is getting set to launch a home services application next month, its founder telling JustBiz242 the company is looking to ‘infuse’ technology’ in several local industries.

Kevin Adderley, a Bahamian tech developer residing in Seattle told JustBiz242 that the PRO242 app, is set to be launched by his iCONNECT242 tech company next month. He explained that the home services app will give consumers the opportunity to connect with licensed, certified and talented professionals via technology.

“PRO242 serves as a portal to bring together both customers and vendors. It allows the customer and vendor to decide based on our RATING and FEEDBACK system if they are a good fit for the job. There are other features within the app that lets both parties know immediately if they wish to move forward,” said Adderley.
“The app is about 97 per cent done. We are looking to go to market within the next week or so. We are ramping up our marketing to ensure that we prepare people for it. It’s a service app when we allow customers to post their needs and professionals in the area can meet those needs for them, like home services such as plumbing electrical and that sort of thing. It’s been in development for about six months to a year now. We are at the last phase of testing. Everything came out pretty good. There are just a few more things that we are tweaking just on the feel and look of it but the functionality is 100 per cent,” said Adderley.

Adderley said that his tech company iConnect242 is looking to bring technology to other industries in the Bahamas, with the PRO242 App effectively being its first solution out of the gate.

“The whole idea is to connect the Bahamian community to technology. When I started this project with some friends, other developers,  the big thing for me was connecting the dots and finding ways to make easier to do the day-to-day things we do. We are working on seven developments in different industries to infuse technology. This is the first one out of the door. We want to connect communities. We look at industries and see how we can connect communities. Technology is coming whether we like it or not and I want to be a part of ensuring that the Bahamas stays abreast and doesn’t get left behind,” said Adderley.

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