Ride booking platform aims to make travel easier for Bahamians abroad.

A recently launched web-based booking platform which allows users to request a ride using their smartphones and other handheld devices is looking to make transportation easier for Bahamians when traveling abroad.

HomeboyClub.com, is an “Uber like” platform which allows Bahamians to support one another while in the United States.

The transportation service is the brainchild of Jermaine Watkins. He explains: “Our services are for Bahamians that my have difficulty getting around when they travel or are unfamiliar with the States. Wether it is for a doctors visit or just to go shopping, Bahamians travel to the States frequently.  We are well aware that many Bahamians do not drive when they come to the States. For years we’ve heard of people paying for someones airline ticket just to travel with them and drive. We are not doing anything new, Bahamians have been supporting each other in this way for years. What we have done is organized it and created a platform to facilitate such a service.” 

HomeBoyClub.com has Bahamian drivers and  currently operates in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. We will soon be launching our services in West Palm, Orlando and Atlanta.

“Wherever Bahamians are and Bahamians go, that is where we will be as well. We are Bahamians supporting Bahamians”, says Watkins.

Watkins who was born and raised in Freeport says accessing the service is easy.

It just takes 3 Simple steps

Step 1 – Go to www.HomeboyClub.com and set up an account.

Step 2 – Book a Ride. You can schedule in advance so you know to have arrangements in place. 

Step 3 – Pack your Bags. Your Homeboy will be there to pick you up and take you around.

“It’s really that simple. We tried to make it easy so that we encourage Bahamians that are limited in travel to go where they want and have no concerns,” says Watkins, a married father of two who currently resides in South Carolina.  




Personally, even though I’ve lived in South Carolina for the past five years, my heart has always been home for the Bahamas. I wanted to find a unique way to bridge the gap between the States and the Bahamas. Also, I wanted to find ways to empower Bahamians that live abroad and encourage them to stay connected to home. We as Bahamians are stronger together no matter where we live. HomeboyClub.com is the first of several platforms that our team will be launching,” Watkins says.



He adds: “When we had the idea to create Homeboy, we pitched the concept to several family members and close associates. Everyone was excited about it and a few of them decided that they wanted to be a part of the business by investing in it. Currently we have a team of seven individuals from a management and operations standpoint. Our team is comprise completely of Bahamians (That’s the way we wanted it), that live in Nassau and across the States. Our team on the ground is lead by Rodney Collie, who serves as the Chief Operation Officer.”


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