Bahamas Ride and ALIV have announced a strategic partnership to provide an on-demand taxi service that will modernize the taxi & transportation industry in The Bahamas.

Bahamas Ride is a Bahamian-owned and operated transportation-based mobile application that will allow passengers to schedule and book a licensed taxi driver with a click of a button – anytime and anywhere. The taxi booking solution will also benefit drivers by streamlining business operations and increasing profit.


“Bahamas Ride aims to be the country’s premier on-demand transportation provider and offer exceptional, convenient experiences to locals and visitors alike,” said Gavin Christie, President of Bahamas Ride. “We also believe that Bahamian taxi drivers are more than just taxi drivers. They’re businessmen and women, entrepreneurs and, most importantly, ambassadors. With Bahamas Ride they will become part of an elite service that is changing the face of the transportation industry. They will enjoy less downtime, increased revenue, improved customer service, a driver rating system and some great perks courtesy of our partners at ALIV.”

As part of the agreement, ALIV will be Bahamas Ride’s official wireless telecommunications partner. The app will be readily available on ALIV devices and can be downloaded to all iOS and Android devices.


In addition, ALIV will create special packages for taxi drivers, which will include a smart phone with battery charger and dashboard holder, in car Wi-Fi solution and unlimited access to the Bahamas Ride App.


Chief ALIV Officer (CAO) Damian Blackburn said the Bahamas Ride app is nothing short of world class as the business model put together by Bahamas Ride is the perfect model for ALIV to partner with.


“We’ve made many promises here at ALIV. We’ve promised that we would partner with local Bahamian businesses and we promised that we would lead the innovative agenda as we unfolded a suite of services we want to bring to the Bahamian public. This is a demonstration that here at ALIV, we meet all our promises to the Bahamian public. We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes with Gavin and his team to bring his dream Bahamas Ride to fruition and we are looking forward to going on this journey with them.”


Chief ALIV Business Developer Gravette Brown shared similar sentiments with ALIV’s CAO noting that the company’s focus is always to partner with local innovators who make life easier through technology.
“The first premise of these developments is to work closely with Bahamian developers like Gavin who are innovating and providing technological solutions for the common problems of our time. They’ve come up with such an innovative product that really solves problems that Bahamian consumers face which is part of ALIV’s general value agenda. Over the next four to six weeks you can expect to see similar developments.


Chief ALIV Partner Alan Bates added that ALIV would step in the gap to make the roll out of the app and its execution as seamless as possible.
“ALIV will provide marketing support across the various digital platforms, social media and other forms of media outlets available to ALIV. We are also going to provide those subscribed drivers with the latest smartphones in their vehicles with the Bahamas Ride app already loaded, along with WIFI hotspots for guests, up to five users. We are fully endorsing this product and this company as it’s huge for both locals and tourists.”


The Bahamas Ride mobile app launches in New Providence on April 12. It will expand to Grand Bahama, Eleuthera, Abaco and Exuma in a phased approach.


Bahamas Ride is a transportation-based mobile application that will allow passengers to request on-demand taxi service with a click of a button. The app connects passengers with licensed and regulated taxi drivers in The Bahamas.

ALIV is igniting the cellular revolution in The Bahamas and is reinventing how consumers interact with their mobile devices. A true digital lifestyle partner, the ALIV network is built on next generation LTE technology to ensure an unsurpassed consumer experience. With groundbreaking consumer plans, a laser focus on exemplary customer care, ALIV is determined to deliver a never before seen experience for the people of The Bahamas. This is the start of your new day!


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