Halcyon enters Nassau’s food and dining scene.

Halcyon is a ‘stage’ where Bahamian life plays out; a stage where art, food and music will ultimately merge to create the ideal environment, a ‘home away from home’ according to Bradley Watson Jr, operator of the newest entrant to Nassau’s food and dining scene. 

“We want to have the best food and service this side of the bridge and I think we have the right team to make it happen. We want to create an experience that will truly punctuate your week,” Watson says. “We want to facilitate business interactions, business meetings, conferences. We created a certain character for this play that we have to uphold. We have to strike that balance and be versatile.”

A year ago, Bradley, an environmentalist at heart was on a different trek, furthering his studies in Nebraska. “My father always had a vision to own his own restaurant. One of my father’s friends had told him the venue was available. He passed away and although I never met the man, the regard that my father had for him was tremendous. Part of this restaurant is for my father and for his friend who passed.”

“I was in Nebraska, in my third year in business school when my father called me and said that he needed me to come home and open the restaurant for him. He couldn’t do it as he was working full-time so he needed me to be here to be his agent basically and that’s how it all started. I couldn’t leave my father holding the bag. At the time I was pursuing my MBA and working part-time as a sustainability consultant at the Nebraska business development centre writing reports on how to reduce fuel and water usage in food processing plants.”

Bradley admits that he did not understand his father’s vision for Halcyon initially. “I didn’t get it at first but I’ve really embraced it now,” he says “This is all me now.”

He describes Halcyon’s menu as a Caribbean and European fusion. “We have any amazing chef, Romero Dorsett. He put together our menu and it’s fantastic!”

Bradley, who is a plant biologist by training says that this year he hopes to start growing food. “Eventually my goal is to have an educational compound for the sciences so as to open peoples minds.”

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