“If you eat better you will feel better,” says Lou Jupp, chef and founder of Smart Lunch. In fact, she’s made “Eat Better, Feel Better’ the motto for the food delivery business. Smart Lunch officially launched back in April with Lou turning her passion for cooking into a business. “I had initially started cooking just for friends, my husband’s co-workers and people that I know; just getting them to try the recipes.”

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As she notes, many working professionals struggle each day to find healthy and affordable food options and others simply may not have the time to prepare a healthy meal for themselves.

“When I moved here I was often in the downtown area and struggled every day to decide what to eat and if you want something quality and healthy you could find yourself spending $20 or more. That’s why I wanted to make something healthy, convenient and affordable for people,” said Lou who grew up in France and is now married to a Bahamian.




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Smart Lunch offers ‘fusion food’, inspired primarily by Lou’s French and Moroccan heritage with recipes she has added her own personal twist to. “It’s definitely street food, fusion food and it’s healthy. We offer wraps, sandwiches and salads but it is great quality and very healthy. All the recipes are mine, adapted my way. I like Thai food so I adapted the Thai cuisine, the French cuisine and even the Moroccan cuisine because my parents are from Morocco.”

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Smart Lunch however is not just merely a food delivery service as Lou explains. “It’s about the whole concept of eating better. This is what we want to do, to be a support for people and help them have a better way to eat. I firmly believe that when you eat better you feel better.” On her blog she shares recipes of her homes cooked meals and testimonials.

Lou says that having done most of the heavy lifting thus far has been a challenge, however she hopes to eventually add more people to her team, take on a larger volume of customers and likely launch a grab and go location.